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  1. Young-nyc

    2022 CX-5?

    i never really liked the "Refreshed" models done by Mazda, the 2014 Mazda3 to me looked better than it's refreshed 2017 version, the same goes for the cx-5 after looking at these new leaked pictures.
  2. Young-nyc

    2017~2022 Radar cruise control intermittently disabled below 20mph

    I have compustar installed and do not have this problem. 👍🏼
  3. Young-nyc

    Very faint high pitched "mosquito" sound

    Yup this sound is still ongoing. Hope there is a fix. I have gotten used to it. But would be better without it.
  4. Young-nyc

    Poll MRCC vs. Regular cruise control

    So I’ve noticed there are a few drivers out there who prefer using the regular cruise control function as opposed to the MRCC. Just trying to gauge the reasons they prefer this to MRCC? To me I feel MRCC performs very well and allows the driver to feel a lot less fatigued when driving long...
  5. Young-nyc

    2017~2022 MRCC vs. "Cruise Control" - Two Different Things?

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. I do not see any relevance in using regular cruise control anymore. And in many cases where drivers actually use regular cruise control is most likely because they are not familiar with MRCC.
  6. Young-nyc

    Very faint high pitched "mosquito" sound

    any update on this?
  7. Young-nyc

    2019 Signature - faint pitched ticking noise when accelerating

    Tried explaining to my service advisor the procedure but the tech didn’t want to touch it because he is unsure what kind of insulation was used to insulate the high pressure fuel line bracket. If someone has the answers would be great.
  8. Young-nyc

    Trim recommendation and aftermarket surround view

    agreed, GT-R has basically everything..but if you want the "extra" luxury, signature is the way to go with the nappa leather, black headliner, 360 camera, frameless rear view mirror and LED everything lights, including footwell ambient lights.
  9. Young-nyc

    Very faint high pitched "mosquito" sound

    i emailed my contact at mazda corporate, hopefully there would be some fix or some notes they can forward to each dealer that experience this issue...will keep you posted if anything pops up
  10. Young-nyc

    Trim recommendation and aftermarket surround view

    go with signature, it has the 360 surround view, wouldn't really recommend installing aftermarket 360 camera, potentially not compatible with mazda infotainment system, although a good installer may be able to bypass and force the video on the screen.... go with signature you won't be...
  11. Young-nyc

    custom CX-5 Sketch

    nice man..
  12. Young-nyc

    Very faint high pitched "mosquito" sound

    i'm just very happy i do not have any mechanical or transmission issues that some are experiencing.
  13. Young-nyc

    For those eagerly awaiting Gen 3

    Waiting on when the next gen cx-9 will come out or whatever this new large high end suv will be.
  14. Young-nyc

    custom CX-5 Sketch

    these look very nice and sporty!
  15. Young-nyc

    custom CX-5 Sketch

    pinstripes were a house hold item on almost every car back in the 80's i remember them well.
  16. Young-nyc

    custom CX-5 Sketch

    nice...hope to see yours soon man..
  17. Young-nyc

    custom CX-5 Sketch

    are you planning on getting a sketch done? if so would love to see how it comes out. cheers!
  18. Young-nyc

    custom CX-5 Sketch

    Well since we are all enthusiasts here, i decided to commission a sketch art of my CX-5. I think it came out pretty well and for the price you cannot beat it. you can message the guy at...
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  20. Young-nyc

    3 an otherwise vast sea of happy anticipation

    yes i've heard of varied results on this as well, keep in mind if it does work, you should probably purchase a wireless charging pad as well.