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  1. Anchorman

    2022 CX-5?

    I’m back in the fold having just put a deposit down on a 2.5G AWD. Are there any revisions to the current model?
  2. Anchorman

    2019 CX-5 Diesel

    Not yet, when it’s all over!!!
  3. Anchorman

    2019 CX-5 Diesel

    I’ve got a sealed 5 litre tub in the garage. You can come and get a post lockdown brew and you can have it 👍
  4. Anchorman

    2019 CX-5 Diesel

    To be fair, the latest encarnation with Adblue neither diluted the oil nor could I tell when it was doing a regen, they just about got a grip of that. It did throw up two little faults which I cancelled on both occasions and they never came back but they would have required a trip to the dealer...
  5. Anchorman

    Mazda Canada OWNERS- Looking to buy a GS AWD with Comfort package

    When I saw the word help in capitals I thought someone was in trouble.
  6. Anchorman

    Bolts but no nuts in engine bay

    I believe it’s part of the mountings for the fuel filter on the diesel model. I can’t look now I’m running a Lexus.
  7. Anchorman

    Bolts but no nuts in engine bay

    No they are nothing. The car is available with different engines and transmissions and those studs (they are not bolts) hold various brackets and pipes not on your car.
  8. Anchorman

    Winter is here and my CX-5 turbo is now a 2.0!

    I’ve just traded my CX5 for a Lexus for just the same reason. After an hour my butt cheeks are numb and it’s quite skinny so I don’t know how bigger folk manage at all. It’s such a shame because I think otherwise it’s superb.
  9. Anchorman

    Why does the rest of the world always get better options?

    We pay the equivalent of 48000 USD for our signature and the equivalent of 5.9 USD for a US.gallon of gas. Some countries are paying a lot more. I’d rather pay your price and have it slightly de-spec’d.
  10. Anchorman

    2019 Mazda CX-5 GT PP Driver's side mirror vibration

    Mine don’t vibrate. It mustn’t have stupid mirrors.
  11. Anchorman

    Winter is here and my CX-5 turbo is now a 2.0!

    I’m going looking at a Lexus today because of this seat thing. For me it is just uncomfortable and after about half an hour my butt starts to go numb - it feels like I’m sitting on something and I am! I could get the seat altered but I’ll see if the Lexus is naturally comfortable.
  12. Anchorman

    What Auto Braking?

  13. Anchorman

    What's the least expensive way to get a working spare key fob?

    Did you download the vehicle specific software?
  14. Anchorman

    What Auto Braking?

    Because statistically there are many accidents avoided by them. I visit the USA every year and the misuse of mobile phones seems to be getting worse to me. I regularly see drivers not only using their phone but browsing and texting on them so I’m quite happy for cars to include autonomous...
  15. Anchorman

    CX 5 passenger window not working

    It depends how confident you are about pulling a door to bits but all the parts are readily available. If you can hear the motor, it’s probably a drive cable. You can always go to an independent garage, it’s fairly general stuff.
  16. Anchorman

    Wind Gust forced passenger door open

    The end of the check strap inside the door is a loose component so you might have heard that. If the door opens and closes ok and all of the gaps are equal then it probably didn’t strain the hinges (bend them). I am wary of very high winds and although I’ve mentioned to my wife to never open a...
  17. Anchorman

    What Auto Braking?

    I can assure you it does.
  18. Anchorman

    Safe Windshield Washer Fluid

    The level sensor has a float switch. Interestingly, the newer VW range use a fine mist washer and they insist that anything other than their own fluid will block the jets (which is a known problem).
  19. Anchorman

    What's the least expensive way to get a working spare key fob?

    You can buy this scanner for about fifty bucks and do it yourself if you have a blank.
  20. Anchorman

    2017~2022 Condesation rear lamp in new CX 5

    It’s known by Mazda over here. They say if the condensation doesn’t trickle like yours, ignore it. If it does, replace it. Mine often do the same after washing. I’m in the ignore camp!