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    Vent selector cable adjustment

    I took apart my dash and had the vent selector cable unhooked. Put everything back together now the two extreme selections on my vent selection knob have the same selection as the previous one on the knob...So, Defrost Only setting is the same as defrost and foot vents. Upper Vents only setting...
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    Fan Speed 1 and 2 not working

    Symptoms: Fan Speed 1 and 2 not working for both heat and AC. AC light stays on. No flicker. Just no fan. 3 & 4 works fine. I have had the AC flicker resistor fix in for over a year. Speeds 1 & 2 just stopped working recently. Unhooked the plug from the switch and it looked a bit burnt. Got...
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    E-brake light issues...

    Weird issue with my Automatic P5... The e-brake light indicator on the dash lights up intermittently when pushing the brake pedal. It will then go off when pushing the gas pedal. Brake calipers do not appear to be seized. Any ideas?
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    Side view mirror differences

    So, found out something weird today.... The plastic covers on the side view mirrors have different tabs on the inside for the body colored ones vs the plain black ones. Side view mirrors themselves are completely interchangeable jut not the plastic covers.
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    Question about Replacing Driver's Seatbelt

    Drivers seatbelt is starting to fray on my 02 LX. Looks like I just need to remove the trim, and unbolt some bolts. Probably a good idea to disconnect the battery. Am I missing something or is it this easy?
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    Oil on top of valve cover...

    So, I have some oil on the top of the valve cover around one of the spark plugs. I also get some hesitation occasionally when accelerating. No codes yet. So, is it time for a new valve cover gasket? Large variation in prices on gaskets. Any brands better or worse than others?
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    P0106 MAP/Barometric Pressure Sensor

    So, just got a CEL with a P0106. No other codes. This is on my LX with 323k miles. 1) how bad is it to drive the car without fixing it? e.g. can I continue to drive it for a few hundred miles while I sort out the issue? 2) From the manual, it could be... EGR boost sensor EGR boost sensor...
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    P0455 Issues

    Had a P0455 about... 1) replace the solenoid valve about 10k miles ago 2) Got a Pending P0455 - Replaced the gas cap as everything around the gas cap was very dirty. Cleared codes. Been driving for 800 miles and the Evap I/M monitor still hasn't cleared. But I don't have any pending codes...
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    Seized front caliper - couple of questions

    Seized caliper on my Blue P5. Not sure how bad it is. I am going to try and lube everything up but.... If I do need a new caliper... 1) Do they come with a piston or would I need to buy a piston also? 2) Preferred brands? or brands to stay away from?
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    Exhaust Issue - pre-cat

    So, got some issues with rust and where the bolts attach has rusted off and I have a leak... I was able to 'crack' all the bolts. Well... broke this one off... Whomever put this on put a different sized nut... in between 13mm and 14mm ... ??? Is this nut supposed to come off? Or is it...
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    Vibration from front??

    So, I have some fairly extreme vibration from the front. - Shocks are fairly new and everything seems tight. - Does not seem to be any sticking brake calipers I put the car up on jack stands and ran it up to 35mph. The left wheel rotates slower than the right wheel. 1) Is this normal? 2)...
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    Coil Packs - Best/Worst brands

    So, one of my coil packs went bad. There is a large variation in price between brands. What are the best and worst brands? Any evidence?
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    Mazda Protege Rear Drum brake questions

    I believe I need to replace the drum on the rear for my LX. This guy... mentions that you can put a bolt in the extra hole on the drum to force the drums off. I have 300k on this car and it is very rusty. I expect the drums will be very difficult to...
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    p0300 advice on diagnosing

    Got a p0300 today. No other codes. Plugs and wires have been recently replaced. One of the coil packs has also recently been replaced. I am not sure what it could be I've always gotten a 301 or 302 and not the generic 300. Any ideas?
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    P0705 - Transmission Range Sensor A Circuit

    So, got this code on my Automatic P5. I can't find very much info on it. This thread seams to be the most detailed... But the links to the pics are dead and that is a manual. Is the Neutral Safety...
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    Strut Replacement advice

    I am getting a crunching sound from RF wheel when going over bumps, also getting vibration at highway speeds from RF wheel. Shop tells me it is the strut. Some Questions... 1) Can I replace just the one strut? What if I use one of the quick struts which includes the spring? 2) If I need to...
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    Rust... ger....

    Got another Protege5, looks pretty clean... But looks can be deceiving... Started grinding down any rust I could find, under rear wheel well just kept grinding until I ended up with this... So, is it feasible for someone to weld some extra metal for some more structural strength?
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    Help with part number in shift linkage

    <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="" title="IMG_20180720_0001"><img src="" width="1583" height="2048" alt="IMG_20180720_0001"></a><script async...
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    Higher weight oil

    I have 285k on the clock. Oil consumption has gotten quite high. 2.25 qts over 3000 mile period. I use synthetic 5w30 with a oci of 4000 miles. I want to try a higher weight oil to see if it cuts down on the consumption. What weight would you recommend?
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    Replacing Right Front Engine Mount

    So, need to replace the right front motor mount on my automatic. Looks pretty easy. Q: Where do I place the jack to hold the motor up? I was thinking of putting a small 2x4 under the oil pan and then jacking up from there. Is that the best place? Thanks,