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  1. helbigtw

    Gen1 CX-9 cancel 2 step window down refresher

    A refresher for canceling the two step window down operation, or "smokers preference". By default, on low battery or dead battery, the vehicle will revert back to the smokers preference. Below is how to cancel the 2 step down. Not readily available online. This will work on early cx-9 and cx-7...
  2. helbigtw

    Advice on new brake calipers? (2008 GT FWD)

    Well, this is the first "real" problem affecting driving the car, since it was built, in 2008. 103k miles and 12 years. Pretty good. Noticed a burning smell last night after pulling into garage. RF wheel was hot to touch. I suspect it is the caliper. (So much for trying to sell the car, looks...
  3. helbigtw

    2015 - What button would go here?

    Out of curiosity, can anyone tell me what button is an option for the blank in the photo? I can't figure out what would go there. Thanks! Thanks
  4. helbigtw

    Off topic question about emissions

    Sorry in advance to post this here, I figured Mazda 3 folks might be more technically inclined than CX-9 folks, who didn't have an answer for me. I'm looking for a specific answer here... What impact if any does low emissions/ultra low emissions/zero emissions catalyst (California emissions...
  5. helbigtw

    Federal vs ulev emissions?

    So I'm eyeballing the 2nd Gen CX-9. Getting a little hung up on 250hp but torque is great. I live in PA and am concerned about buying a CX-9 in PA with California emissions. Does anyone have any concrete information on any horsepower affects due to California emissions? I.E. Should I buy a...
  6. helbigtw

    2008 CX-9 GT FWD Pittsburgh, PA

    This is a teaser. Will be putting up my CX-9 for sale in the spring. No photos yet, I haven't put a finger on asking price yet. Grand Touring front wheel drive with nav/bose/sunroof/xenon/blind spot monitoring/homelink electronic inside mirror/tow prep - factory hitch is in my basement, I can...
  7. helbigtw

    2007~2015 BSM flashing light

    Anyone develop an issue with BSM off dash indicator flashing on and off? It seems to happen periodically when driving with driver window down. Cycling the ignition fixes it. Weird gremlin. Curious if anyone knows what's up with that. Only happens once in awhile
  8. helbigtw

    Look what came in the mail... (rotors / pads)

    Looking forward to a good challenge this weekend! Done the front ones on the 9 but not the rear. Still need to get some dot3, some brake lube and figure out what bleeder to use. Don't feel like wasting 40 bucks on a cheap bleeder that is not even guaranteed to last for all 4 bleeds. Maybe just...
  9. helbigtw

    Still have the hots for my 2008 CX-9 GT

    Just went to the store to get some snacks. Was pondering what a good vehicle this has been. It just sits in the garage mostly because I have my work car and my wife has her car to drive. Its great though for road trips! 94 on the ticker. Gonna do 4 rotors this spring, maybe flush the coolant...
  10. helbigtw

    What is "Pad Sub Set" (oem brake pads) ?? thanks

    I don't recall ever seeing anything like this before. I can't for the life of me figure out what the difference is here between rear pad set and rear pad sub set? This is on the Jim Ellis Mazda website. Anyone who might be able to shed light on this, much appreciated.
  11. helbigtw

    Interstate Megatron Plus Dead 3 years 10 months

    Have to say, I'm rather disappointed. They advertise the battery as "3 year free replacement" and "6 year performance." I paid 164.00 for the battery, thinking I could actually get 5 or 6 years out of it. It was problem free until this week when suddenly it ran out of juice while trying to...
  12. helbigtw

    Should I replace my serp belt myself or let stealer do it for 109 labor?

    I'm scheduled in next week to get the lower control arms replaced (finally) and I may just hand the stealer a new serp belt and say "here replace this" they quoted me 109 in labor. I did one on my Volkswagen 12v VR6 back in the day, but I'm thinking it would be even more difficult on the...
  13. helbigtw

    CX-9 brakes on Mazda 6?

    Greetings from CX-9 forum. Anyone here know if any 6 and cx-9 front brakes share any interchange? I am trying to determine if I can buy a Mazda 6 big brake upgrade kit and get it to work with my CX-9. I am not aware of anyone who makes a BBK specifically for the CX-9. Thanks in advance! I am...
  14. helbigtw

    How to gap spark plugs? Are they gapped?

    Hey guys, I've got some plugs on the way, ZZJ118110 / MOTORCRAFT SP411 bought from Do these typically come already gapped, since I ordered them by part# of ZZJ118110 which is CX-9 / Mazda 6 specific (Duratec 3.5/3.7)? If not, what kind of tool do I need to properly gap...
  15. helbigtw

    Check out this WRECKED CX-9 on eBay!!!

    While searching for a sunroof seal on ebay...I came across a listing where IAA is parting out a CX-9. This thing is wrecked good!!!
  16. helbigtw

    Anyone replaced their sunroof seal??

    So it is time to get my sunroof seal replaced. I reluctantly took her to an automatic carwash, since it was too dang cold to wash by hand. Sure enough, the high pressure spray from above blasted right through the back of the sunroof and literally dumped water onto the sunshade. Fortunately, I...
  17. helbigtw

    Some aviation photos. (when I'm not driving my Mazda)

    I love to fly.
  18. helbigtw

    Windshield Replaced - PGW Soundmaster

    So something got my windshield. I think it was a piece of a firework still hot and melted into the glass and caused it to flower, but I could be wrong. Maybe its just a small black rock that was stuck in there. In any event, thankfully in Kentucky glass has no deductible (as long as you carry...
  19. helbigtw

    67k, on 3rd cabin air filter.

    First filter changed at 32k, now took out the 2nd at 67k, on 3rd filter. Hopefully my efforts will prolong the life of the fan motor. (not to mention breathing less polluted air).
  20. helbigtw

    How to post a picture refresher

    In case there is anyone out there who is unfamiliar with how to insert a photo without showing just a link that you have to click, here is how to do it. There are several methods, choose your fancy. I tried to make this as easy as possible. Myself, I use Photobucket and have a "Public" folder...