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  1. Young-nyc

    Poll MRCC vs. Regular cruise control

    So I’ve noticed there are a few drivers out there who prefer using the regular cruise control function as opposed to the MRCC. Just trying to gauge the reasons they prefer this to MRCC? To me I feel MRCC performs very well and allows the driver to feel a lot less fatigued when driving long...
  2. Young-nyc

    custom CX-5 Sketch

    Well since we are all enthusiasts here, i decided to commission a sketch art of my CX-5. I think it came out pretty well and for the price you cannot beat it. you can message the guy at...
  3. Young-nyc

    Interior button covers - Parking Brake and Auto Hold

    The center dash seemed a bit too plain with black plastic buttons, so added Some aluminum covers for the e-brake and hold buttons. You can order in 3 different colors, Silver, red or blue.
  4. Young-nyc

    CX-9 tachometer HUD

    so it seems that the when the current gen cx-9 was debuted, it actually had a tachometer on the HUD. does anyone still have this? or was it deleted after a firmware update?
  5. Young-nyc

    2019 cx-5, shifting from D to R creates Clicking noise when applying brakes

    Hi all, just curious if all of you experience the same clicking noise while parking. When shifting from D to R or vice versa and you ease off the brakes and re-apply them, there is always a clicking noise. Maybe could be the shifter lock/unlock sound. thx!
  6. Young-nyc

    2019 Signature - faint pitched ticking noise when accelerating

    Hello all, i started to notice a faint pitched ticking noise as i'm pressing the accelerator, but when i step off the gas, the ticking starts to slow down and basically stops when the car stops and then comes back after the stop. I was thinking maybe it has to do with the dashcam that was...
  7. Young-nyc

    Autoflex Spray Shield

    For those with PPF or wanting PPF, have you ever heard of autoflex spray shield? I have PPF done on my front end but found out autoflex spray shield could be a better alternative. It's definitely much easier on the wallet, and seamless! here's a video of what it does...
  8. Young-nyc

    Had to use Paintless Dent Repair/ removal NYC

    so i had an unfortunate incident parking under a tree, some killer acorns came down and left some dings on my roof...just wanted to recommend anyone here in the NYC area to this guy he did a great job doing PDR. I know there are many PDR...
  9. Young-nyc

    off road (easter egg, per se)
  10. Young-nyc

    Mazda's 1'st Electric Vehicle - Looks like a CX-5 could be a cx-30 electric
  11. Young-nyc

    Parking my CX-5 on the street and then...

    Wanted to share this incident i just had this morning while parking my cx-5. As i was looking for street parking, i see a car reversing out of a spot, (pondering why she didn't just pull out going forward since there were a lot of space in front of her) anyways as she was reversing, i pull up...
  12. Young-nyc

    door edge protection

    Just ordered a set of these, figure it was worth the price =)
  13. Young-nyc

    Live in NY, FL, DC, MD, DE, VA, NC, SC, TX, and MPG low on your Mazda ? Get Upside.

    Wanted to share this with my fellow Drivers on this forum This was brought to my attention over a month ago. I'm a regular on the board. have been trying this for over a Month now and it actually works to give you cashback when filling up gas. Definitely not spam, Available for these states...
  14. Young-nyc

    2017-2019 KF rear window sunshade

    As a parent, been looking for sunshades for the rear windows, Saw many different variations and tried a few, but wasn't satisfied, It would've been nice if they added the retractable sunshades that are available on the CX-9 but no luck. Found these items..and have to say, WOW definitely worth...
  15. Young-nyc

    mazda cx7? for 2020...

    came across this manufacturing end and production dates and saw cx-7.. anyone familiar with this?
  16. Young-nyc

    Door courtesy lights/ ghost lights w/ logo

    Just got these installed. basically double sided tape and a magnetic sensor. $15.00 a pair...i'd say it's worth it. Powered by (3 AAA batteries) Although a simple non invasive installation, to get it correct, you would need to attach it to the more flattened portion of he door panel so the laser...
  17. Young-nyc

    Sequential rear tail light blinkers

    Has anyone tried this. Looks pretty cool.
  18. Young-nyc

    update current keyfob to the new redesigned version possible?

    Hey All, just curious if it's possible to reprogram/ update our current keyfob to the new redesigned version of the mazda3? thoughts?
  19. Young-nyc

    Sync Average with Trip A - greyed out

    So i was playing with the settings the other day and realized, "Sync Average with Trip A" under Fuel consumption settings is greyed out. Any idea how to deselect or reselect this option? On my previous Mazda3 i was able to do this, but with the cx-5 it doesn't seem to let me select it at all. is...
  20. Young-nyc

    What new Mazda reveal at 2019 NY autoshow?

    Seems like Mazda has yet another reveal. Any guesses? Im thinking perhaps hybrid engine announcement...