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    Calgary Mazda meet?

    We should set up a mazdameet for all calgary mazda and Mazdaspeed
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    Spicy orange msp in kensington yesterday around 7pm!
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    Northill mazda is the worst dealership.

    Just wanted to warn everyone in calgary to stay away from Northhill Mazda stealership. They have screwed up on my car many times. Misdiagnosed it and refused to refund my money. It is the dealership on centre street in the ne just before downtown.
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    Starting problems

    I was wondering if anyone has had similar issues before?Sometimes my msp wont start up all the lights come on but the car wont turn over. Car has 250000 km original motor. Just had alternaor replaced also new battery. I think it might be the ignition switch? Anyone had a similar problem? And...
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    WTB AirDiverterPannel

    Looking fir an adp for my msp let me know if u have one forsale! Thanks
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    Price on Used racinghearts

    I was wondering what everyone thought a set of used racing hearts would be worth now days? There is a set up here for 500$ right now and im thinking there only really worth about 3 since there is curb rash.
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    FS Turbosmart B.O.V

    Turbo Smart Rdv forsale 180$ shipped oBo perfect condition.
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    Hankook tires

    Just bought a set of Hankook ventus v12 evo tires for my msp. Anyone running these? let me know what you think of them thanks
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    Wheel Spacers?

    Anyone installed wheel spacers on the msp stock racing hearts? I plan on getting some just wondering how it would look if anyone gots pictures post em up!
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    Best speakers?

    Anyone replaced all there speakers in the msp and recommends a good brand?
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    Msp wiring harness part number?

    So ive had my wiring harness replaced 3 times now by the mazda dealership and each time they put in an even more wrong harness than the time before if thats even possible lol. Right now it has a harness for an automatic so the revs go way up and down when in neutral. If anyone knows the correct...
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    Polishing carbon hood

    anyone know what resin is used for a VIS carbon hood? Im looking to polish mine since it has sun damage and faded bad.
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    Carbon wrap

    Just wondering if anyone has had there roof carbon wrapped? Im thinking about doing it soon to my msp since i have a few dents and a big scrape in my roof. If anyone has can you post some pictures? Thanks
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    p2009 WtB intake manifold

    anyone got a cheap intake manifold they can sell me where the vtcs has been fixed? not removed just maybe fixed the screws with locktite?
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    FS: Splitsecond afc

    splitsecond afc for sale. 235$ plus shipping obo. This is the newest version of afc made for a mazdaspeed protege. Also includes cd.
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    K&N airfilter

    K&N drop in highflow airfilter forsale Fits mazdaspeed protege and regular 01 and up 30$ ObO
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    Hks Vpro ems

    Just wondering if anyone has ran the hks F-Con V pro Version 3.3 on the mazdaspeed protege? is it possible to get a harness that will work with this car and this ems?
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    smells like gas

    So everytime i check my oil it smells like gas on the dipstick? i was wondering if anyone else has this problem does this have to do with running to rich and not proper combustion? i am running a 255lph fuel pump too and not sure if this might be the reason? other wise maybe bad injectors? any...
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    Urgent WTB protege 2.0l crankshaft

    anyone got a crank they can sell me to help out my build? let me know thanks(evil)
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    spotted titanium msp on 14th st with front mount intercooler