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  1. theblooms

    Guide Mazda5 Cabin Air Filter Replacement with pics

    This is an easy, but kinda aggravating task. First step, remove the inner kick panel from the center console. Two clips simply pops off of the front, then slides out of the rear holder. Now remove the upper panel, there are two clips you hit with your fingers on either side to release this...
  2. theblooms

    Just bought new Michelin X Tour A/S T+H, SUPER happy!

    These are some of the quietest, best riding tires I've ever owned. And the price was only $560 all in, out the door, taxes, disposal, lifetime balance, rotation, and road hazard warranty. That's not bad at all. 80,000 mile warranty, too.
  3. theblooms

    Where to source tools for working on your Mazda

    When it comes to ratchets I only use Snap-on, because there absolutely is a difference between them and a lesser brand. Once you use one, you'll understand. Except for my JIS specialty screwdrivers, I have Snap-on for those as well. I know most people who aren't pros will choke on the price of...
  4. theblooms

    Factory USB adaptor interface for aftermarket radio that actually works!

    I tried the PAC USB-MZ1 harness, and it wouldn't work at all. Then I got the Scosche TAUSB01B, and yup! The USB port in the center console now works with my Kenwood! Don't know what's different about them as they physically look identical, but somehow, the Scosche works with our cars where the...
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    Off Topic 74 Honda CL125 project

    I got it to fire today! First time since 2009! This thing is going to be SWEET.
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    Mazda5 Stereo upgrade installation finished!

    Installation is finished! Now for the real work: tuning! Head unit: Kenwood DDX8706S Processor: Dayton Audio DSP-408 Amps: Kenwood KAC-M3001 and KAC-M3004 Tweeters: Dayton Audio ND25 Midranges: Dayton Audio DC160-4 Subwoofers: Rockford Fosgate Punch RFZ1408 Everything is running active...
  7. theblooms

    Mazda5 Subwoofer box build

    Subwoofer enclosure is coming along nicely! I took the factory package tray that sits above the spare tire and repurposed it. It has 0.7 cubic feet of airspace, which is exactly perfect for my pair of Rockford Fosgate Punch 8" RFZ1408's. Once I wrap it in carpet, it will blend perfectly with...
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    2004~2008 Mazda3 Radio display mod

    Your radio display looks like this... This looks way better...
  9. theblooms

    Guide Spin on oil filter conversion for Mazda3 (and Mazda5) 2.3L with pics

    Parts required: Everything for a standard oil change, plus 1L5G-6884-BA oil filter adapter (mine came from a Ford Fusion) LF02-14-342 gasket LF05-14-302B compatible oil filter (I used a Wix 51348XP oil filter. You can choose your own brand) Teflon tape brake cleaner rags cold beverage(s) Tools...
  10. theblooms

    Mazda5 sound deadening complete

    The van has absolutely no sound deadening whatsoever. It's pathetic. I fixed that today. I did a three part install: the classic Dynamat style asphalt on the door skin (I used Killmat), then I did closed cell foam on the inner skin, and finally I did mass loaded vinyl on the door panel itself.
  11. theblooms

    Off Topic Before you sign a car lease, watch this

    This explains everything about leases that the dealership will never tell you. If you still decide to lease, at least you'll have the knowledge of what you're really getting into before you sign.
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    Mazda5 Speaker upgrade time

    Upgraded the door drivers today with some very inexpensive Dayton Audio classic woofer and tweeters. The 6.5's are DC160-4's, and the tweeters are ND25FN-4's. Only $25 each! That's it! I had some MB Quart crossovers laying around, and used those. The 6.5's fit perfectly with some extremely minor...
  13. theblooms

    Easier Mazda5 cabin filter changes, also applies to Mazda3

    To make the cabin air filter change from horrible to a simple this sucks task, use an electric ratchet with a philips screwdriver bit. If you don't have a philips bit, use electrical tape to fasten a philips screwdriver bit to a 1/4" socket. The light on the end of the ratchet helps a lot, too...
  14. theblooms

    100,000 miles

    There it is.
  15. theblooms

    The stereo install has begun

    The stereo install has begun. Running speaker wire into the doors is by far the most difficult part of the process. Head; Kenwood DDX8905S DSP: Helix P-DSP Amps: Linear Power modded 952, 1502IQ, and modded 5002 Components: Linear Power LP6.5ca set Sub: either a pair of 12" Rockford HE2's, or a...
  16. theblooms

    New Kenwood stereo

    New Kenwood DDX8706S head unit and back-up camera. The backup camera was only $30, and is a direct fit for one of the license plate lamps. This deck is absolutely amazing. I used a PAC RP4-MZ11 to get the steering wheel controls to work. I highly recommend it.
  17. theblooms

    Installation instructions for a 2012 Mazda5 OEM fog lights

    I just pieced together a kit from used parts, including left and right fog lights, plus the turn signal stalk. Does anyone know where the PDF is for the installation? Thanks.
  18. theblooms

    Pigtail wiring harness for 06-09 LCD screen

    I need the pigtail for an 06-09 LCD. The part of the harness that comes from the car and ends in a molex connector. Yes, I realize that the car's harness needs to be cut to get this, but that's why I'm posting. None of my junkyards around here have any 3's in stock. I'm hoping one of you either...