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  1. TreyP

    Disable the lock beep?

    Has anyone figured out how to disable the horn beeping when the remote lock button is pressed multiple times? My wife's 2018 CX-5 Sport has remote start that requires the factory fob lock button be pressed 3 times and it is loud and annoying as heck! Any suggestions, my neighbors will thank you.
  2. TreyP

    Mazda CX-5 Remote Starter - SOLD

    Mazda CX-5 Remote Starter Used in my 2014 CX-5 for one winter. Works perfectly. I have a thread here that shows in detail how to install it yourself, or have it done professionally. Either way, this will save you money. Includes: Remote Starter Unit Hood Switch One Remote Starter Key Fob All...
  3. TreyP

    Top 5 Reasons NOT to Buy a CX-5

    1) The back seats are very comfortable. This means everyone will want to take the CX-5 on family trips, which racks up the miles and puts you at risk for parking lot dings from other idiot drivers who are careless/jealous. 2) It is great in the snow, especially with proper snow tires. This...
  4. TreyP

    Extreme Temperatures

    I'm sure some of you can beat this easily, but I noticed that the highest temp I've seen on the display thermometer was 108F, and the lowest (this morning) was -8F, for a difference of 116 that my CX-5 has been subjected to. PS: Its f'in cold out!!
  5. TreyP

    My Winter Setup - Blizzak DM-V1 and Mazda 6 Wheels

    EDIT: Here is a performance review after this morning's drive in. I put these on at the perfect time. The forecast for last night and today was "Icy", which is the first time I've ever seen that word used as a weather condition (as opposed to a driving condition). What it translated into was...
  6. TreyP

    Interior Changes

    EDIT: Turns out the climate controls are from the GT/GS models which although they are very different from my Touring, they are not new. So the only change is the shifter, which was already covered in another thread. My bad, carry on. (For the record though, I still prefer the gated shifter)
  7. TreyP

    Guide Factory Remote Starter - Install and Program

    UPDATE: Sorry, but Photobucket sux and have started charging to host images. For that reason, the photos in this thread no longer worked. However, I have now added all of the images back in! EDIT: And...the pictures are gone again, wtf? I'm adding them in a 3rd time, maybe they'll be here for...
  8. TreyP

    Installed Kenwood DDX-370 and Backup Camera

    Finally sick of dealing with the iPod issues, I went ahead and installed a Kenwood DDX-370 head unit a few weeks ago. For awhile, I researched how to get the factory camera to work with it, but I finally decided that converting 12 volts to 6 volts and cutting into the factory camera wires was...
  9. TreyP

    Aftermarket Backup Camera - Running Wires

    This will be a review of how I ran the wires for an aftermarket backup camera to the head unit. I have a Kenwood head unit that I installed a few weeks ago, and the camera is made by Accele. If needed, you can review my how-to on removing the dash and the head unit HERE because I'm not going to...
  10. TreyP

    Custom Badge Decals

    I had these badge decals custom made awhile back and finally got around to putting them on. The carbon fiber emblem one is the only one I did not design, and it came off eBay.
  11. TreyP

    My Carbon Fiber Solution To Ugly Dash Trim

    I wanted to get a custom carbon fiber finish on the dash but when I attempted to wrap the pieces myself it didn't come out quite as perfect as I liked so I decided to send the parts out to Liquid Innovations in SLC Utah. They do a process called hydro-imaging and I was previously familiar with...
  12. TreyP

    Guide 2014 CX-5 Heated Mirrors - How To Install

    This was done on my 2014 CX-5 Touring with Bose/Moonroof package and blind spot monitoring. I do not have the Tech Package. Your experience may vary if you do not have this exact year, model and options. EDIT: THE PROCEDURE ALSO WORKED ON MY NEWER 2018 TOURING, AS SHOWN IN THE PROCESS BELOW...
  13. TreyP

    Do NOT Let WalMart Make a New Key!!

    I always like to keep a spare key in my wallet in case I lock the keys in the car. I didn't want to use the spare original because it is too big. So last night I was at WalMart and figured I would get one made since I hadn't done that yet. Well, the key got stuck in the key machine for some...
  14. TreyP

    Yay! We're The Worst Out There

    (rolleyes) 5 frustrating car infotainment interfaces
  15. TreyP

    Set of 4 - 17X7.5 AMERICAN RACING SANTA CRUZ B Black 5x114.3 5x4.5

    Set of 4 - 17X7.5 AMERICAN RACING SANTA CRUZ B Black 5x114.3 5x4.5 Set of 4 brand new American Racing Santa Cruz B Black wheels. 17" x 7.5" 5 x 114.3 (5 x 4.5)Bolt Pattern I bought these but decided to go with the stock wheels for now. They are still in unopened boxes except the one I...
  16. TreyP

    Set of 4 17" Bremmer Kraft BR-07 Wheels for CX-5 - SOLD

    Set of 4 17" Bremmer Kraft BR-07 Wheels for CX-5 Set of 4 brand new Bremmer Kraft BR-07 wheels. 17" x 8" 5 x 114.3 bolt pattern I bought these but decided to go with the stock wheels for now. They are still in the original boxes, but the boxes have been opened. I am charging much less than...
  17. TreyP

    How To Remove Dash Vent Shiny Trim, Head Unit and Center Floor Piece

    This will cover taking apart most of the front trim on a 2014 CX-5. This is for anyone that wants to access these areas for stereo replacement, including running a new USB line to the center console. I am only covering the trim and head unit removal in this tutorial. NOTE: I am not responsible...