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    Mazdaspeed OEM Wastegate actuator = $$$$$$$$

    Atp makes a great wastegate imo. I have ran one for 7 years and it does great on the msp. Oem is way to expensive
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    Not moving underload

    Yep I had this issue I bet its a bad diff. Try to go for an mfactory diff if you can afford it.
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    Need help looking for new or used exhaust mani

    + 1 on pope its a great product. Or steedspeed if you can find used.
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    New Haltechs

    Im sure either or would work. I run a Haltech platinum 1000 on mine but I was thinking of upgrading possibly to an elite for the future.
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    Pope Engineering MSP Manifolds on sale this month!

    Glws!!! Really nice quality parts!
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    The $500 MSP Revival Build Thread

    Nice work! Love the look of the painted transmission and wheels! I recommend getting an upgraded exhaust manifold if you get a chance. Makes a huge difference either steed speed or pope.
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    best ECU for MSP pushing 500 hp?

    I run a Haltech platinum 1000. Pushing for 400 to the wheels this time around. Grx2867 turbo, id 1000 injectors etc. Still on stock transmission though but I would say your best bet would be to do a mfactory diff. That will be my plan for the future. Also all 4 motor mounts are upgraded. Par...
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    What have you done to your MSP today?

    Fresh motor getting dropped in soon
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    MSP Production Numbers (continued)

    Anyone ever have luck with getting canadian production numbers?
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    rear brakes seizing up

    +1 for getting a set of speed 6 or mazda 6 calipers. They are a nice upgrade too
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    motor build?

    Bump!!! Had some problems with the new motor had to tear it back down. Had bearing failure. Also was running into issues with spark blowout. New rebuild #3 will be getting dropped in, in the next few weeks here. Going to be running hal effect sensors this time around with a 626 alternator. New...
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    Shout out to Pope Performance

    hell yeah awesome the pope legacy is living on!!!!
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    motor build?

    Car is back up and running holding strong at 20psi. Considering getting a water/meth kit installed at some point. Just have to get a new wideband and brake kit installed
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    2003.5 Mazdaspeed Protege #340 Blazing Yellow Mica For Parts

    price on the hood? and more pictures?
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    MSP Performance Parts - Steedspeed, PEP, Fidanza, Brakes, etc.

    hey man im interested in the key fob
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    motor build?

    update 505 zoom intake cracked so I had to have it re welded. new injector seals going in soon. Ewg was installed and the car should be back on the road this spring! Also getting some ford fusion calipers powdercoated and installing them on the car with some ebc pads and slotted + drilled rotors.
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    motor build?

    Car is good just got the haltech back from australia today. Had the broken fuses replaced . Car is running better but i need to figure out where im getting these boost leak. Needs to get smoke tested. My innovate is broken so gonna also need a new wideband soon. Coils will eventually be swapped...
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    motor build?

    No prob lol. I have been meaning to update this thread for a while. Im just glad after all this time I can say things are looking up and i didnt just ditch the build altogether.
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    Fatti03msp's Build Thread

    Wow thats crazy that you made close to 400whp on a msp must have been fun.
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    Kinugawa Turbo Exhaust Manifold - anyone heard of it?

    I would just go for a pope manifold. Or a steedspeed if you can find one.