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    Infotainment ver. 74.00.230A

    I no longer have Sirius/XM active so I unfortunately cannot check that specifically. Pandora within CP starts up almost immediately but it always did for me. I have noticed that music starts playing a bit faster and reliably via my existing iOS Shortcut to automatically start a playlist via...
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    Infotainment ver. 74.00.230A

    Updated my 2019 US-spec CX-5 Sig to 74.00.230A NA over the weekend. I've regularly done this to this vehicle and my previous 2016 GT, so comfortable with the process and prefer using the most current official version anyway. Haven't had any issues since the update, but also haven't yet seen...
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    Hitch vibration issues

    You just brought back what a PITA it was for me dealing with those hangers. :eek:;)
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    Hitch vibration issues

    With no load? If with, what is being attached? I have a Draw Tite but only used so far for a 2-bike rack--no vibration with or without load.
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    2nd Gen Rear Flip Down Console/Wiring Tubing Indentation

    Haven't been back to the dealer yet for the next service, but I will respond on this thread when I do. I have noticed that after a couple of days with the console always in the up position, the indentation almost completely disappears to the point where someone (including the dealer) might...
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    O.E. Parts and Accessories

    I've successfully used them too and can recommend BAM, but note that sometimes the shipping cost outweighs the savings from other sources.
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    Sig nappa leather maintenance?

    I always eventually end up with that same left-side lower seat creasing on any car I've owned with leather or "leather" seats. Always wondered if it is normal or something specific to me, such as the way I enter and exit vehicles, since it doesn't seem to happen on the right side of the seat.
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    Updated version of the Infotainment System Available ( NA N) for North America

    FYI, after about a week of having this latest update after having 335, my experience has been as follows: --Apparent slight improvement in full system bootup time --Phone when connected by cable is now consistently recognized by the system as such --Likely related to that, less automatic...
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    General consensus on the white color for the CX5

    I was going to make some snarky comment about the person opining about white cars being feminine, but see that you all already covered all those bases. I had a white 2016 CX-5, and was born and consider myself male. Never felt my masculinity compromised by it, but I rarely care what other...
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    Updated 2020 Key Fob Compatibility with Older Models

    Check out Mazda 3 forums--that model had the updated fob first for NA, I believe. I seem to recall that it isn't compatible, but I could easily be remembering incorrectly or that has since been proven wrong. When this topic came up earlier on here, I mentioned my favorite Mazda fob was the...
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    Dodge Durango R/T

    A bigger sized SUV, but had to fly back to NJ for a funeral late last week and was given a 2019 Dodge Journey as a rental. Not impressed. Those who dislike the Mazda Connect system will likely be horrified by the "infotainment system" in this vehicle, or at least the base model version in the...
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    Cargo area storage

    Looks really nice, and in particular, good for someone who regularly lugs around a lot of what I would generally call "tactical gear" or many smaller things to keep organization/in-place. And, you have the added plus of satisfaction that it is something you made yourself!
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    2nd Gen Rear Flip Down Console/Wiring Tubing Indentation

    Wow, yes, that is indeed even worse than mine--and one can see the loom in question in your photo!
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    2017~2022 Exploding!

    Very sorry this happened to you and glad that no one was injured. I hope your dealer and the Mazda warranty comes through. There is a long and varied history of shattering/exploding sunroofs across all makes and models. The individual glass panel may have had a flaw from the factory, or then...
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    2nd Gen Rear Flip Down Console/Wiring Tubing Indentation

    One of the primary reasons I posted, to alert others and to see if anyone else has experienced this same thing. Seems not, which is mostly a relief, but you are correct in that perhaps it is just that people don't keep that down all the time, or often enough. But, still, it seems problematic...
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    2nd Gen Rear Flip Down Console/Wiring Tubing Indentation

    Yeah, I was thinking about that or a heat gun on a low setting, but I am thinking I won't try fixes until the dealer weighs in. I'm still well under warranty, and if the guilty wiring loom isn't where it is supposed to be, that's a manufacturing defect and should be covered, including any...
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    2nd Gen Rear Flip Down Console/Wiring Tubing Indentation

    Heehee--and our high summer heat sometimes causes damage just on its own. Take the good with the bad, I guess.
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    2nd Gen Rear Flip Down Console/Wiring Tubing Indentation

    Thank you. It is mostly left in the up position (and in particular once I noticed this), but I'm afraid permanent damage has already been done to the surface. It has been up for two full days now and the impression remains. As I said, this will be brought to the dealer's attention for...