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  1. 7eregrine

    Mazda Is America's New "High-Volume" Premium Crossover Automaker

    For the first time ever, the CX-5 out sold The Ford Escape. I'm sure most of us know this but yea...Mazda is KILLING it. When I bought my Mazda they had a 1.3% share of the US market. Today that has doubled to 2.7%. Not a huge number but DOUBLED in 4 years? Pretty impressive. And the Miata...
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    Off Topic Dumb things you've heard (any) dealer say

    A comment in another post made me think of this. I was going to post this there but instead of sidetracking, I'll start a fresh post. Re: Dealers not knowing the brand: what was a dumb comment you've heard or overheard from someone that SHOULD know the brand??? I was at a Volvo dealership...
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    First repairs (wear and tear)

    So my back brakes were making a bit of a grinding noise. Thought that was odd. That went on for a few days. Then it got REAL bad, like there would be a scraping noise after letting OFF the brake. That scared me a bit, right to the shop. Hoping something simple, maybe a caliper broke or...
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    How you doing?

    Why aren't we checking on each other? :D How are you? How's your family? What's going on in your part of the world? I'll reply later...
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    January US Sales

  6. 7eregrine

    Let's do shots in the driveway!

    Party time! Here I go again trying to get a nice photo thread going. I've struck out like 6 times. Maybe 7 is a charm? Post a photo of your car in a driveway! Doesn't even have to be your driveway, but it would be cooler if it was! Obviously, try to make sure we can't see your address.
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    So the 30 is the only Mazda with a WiFi Hotspot

    Interesting. It's a Verizon hotspot that you can add to your existing VZW plan for $20 a month. Kind of surprised it is debuting on this vehicle and not something like the .
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    2013~2016 Here's to the next trouble free 36K

    Hit the magic number about 3 weeks before the 3 years ran out. Nothing but oil changes. Cheers to another trouble free 36K!
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    Off Topic Air Fryers

    Since Antoine closed our Prime Day thread (after I was admittedly a bit of a dick, I have apologized to him), I was TOTALLY bummed that we won't get to continue our Air Fryer discussion!! I'M DYING TO KNOW HOW CHRISTOPHER'S $15 AIR FRYER TURNED OUT! hahahaha We haven't even opened the one we...
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    Music Thread

    Whatcha' listening to? I finished ripping my entire CD collection. Moving to a new house and I am not taking these CD's with me. Got in the car, loaded up Rocket Player and hit shuffle. Forgot how fun this song is and it felt appropriate driving to work with the windows and sun roof open...
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    June Sales - USA

    CX5 up for the month. Every other car down. Overall down 15% versus last year.
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    7 finally makes it to a Mazda dealer...

    CX5 GTR. Alright, alright. I get it. It is ******* impressive. I was pretty surprised at how much quicker it feels. The interior is fantastic, of course. We know that. It certainly does feel like a more lux car then mine. No question. It's as if my car evolved. Of course it's also more...
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    Rogues everywhere

    So I was going to post tonight about something I saw this morning. Driving to work and I'm getting on the freeway. I see 3 black Nissan Rogues all in a row waiting at the light to turn left. 3. All the same color. All in a row. All same gen as I could tell by the identical DRLs. So I was going...
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    Landmark CX5's

    As some of you know I always try to get some kind of photo game going here at the forum. I've done nothing but fail at this. I love people being creative with pics and thier cars. Well here's my latest attempt: show us your car in a pic with a significant landmark. Doesn't have to be...
  15. 7eregrine

    What features do you miss from the car you traded for the CX5?

    Only a few things for me: The green cockpit lighting the auto rear defroster (automatically comes on if temp is below 42) Night panel button (switch to turn off most of the interior lighting) I would also say the turbo but I can get one of those now in a CX5. Green cockpit:
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    Car & Driver has always been team Mazda

    Or has for a long time. Once again the CX5 and CX9 beat out everyone else. I think this is the 3rd year in a row they picked our 5 over that CRV. Someone gets it. ;)
  17. 7eregrine

    Mazda Assist App

    Broken since I got the Android Pie update. Is it still working with Android Oreo? Anybody have it?
  18. 7eregrine

    Funny story

    Been meaning to share this. Happened a week or 2 ago when we got the freak warm weather here. Hit 60 in the afternoon. I'm driving home. Great mood. Windows open. Almost half of the people on the road had open windows. Stop at a light. Couple in the car next to me windows open, music playing...
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    I'm actually grateful for my TOMS not showing me individual tire pressure

    This is simply annoying as s***. The other one is at 32. Why isn't it "low"? Same in the second picture. Why isn't the other one "low" at 33. At one point 3 tires had the same pressure. Only the front driver's side is "low". Stupid yellow light constantly on.
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    Let's share some dirty pictures

    God, she needs a bath. #DirtyGirl