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    Heads up display (HUD) shaking

    I have 2021 cx5 Signature and when I drive over bump on the road the image on the windshield is shaking, but when driving down a flat road/highway its not shaking/ I do not recall having this problem when I had my cx5 2017. Does yours do this?
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    Question about installing an aftermarket remote starter

    When installing an aftermarket remote start (being more specific Fortin Evo One) is it really necessary to remove negative battery connection before installation of cables of remote start under steering? My understanding is that when vehicle battery is disconnected all the things in memory like...
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    Installation of CarPlay Upgrade Kit on 2017-2018 CX-5?

    Hi, Did anybody follow this guy's DIY installation instructions video of CarPlay and Android update kit and did install everything successfully? In the video he does not disassemble the entire center console and his install looks much simpler and faster...
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    2017 CX5GT Doors Can Be Locked When One Or All Doors Are Open

    If standing away from car (about 10 feet) and one of the doors is open if lock button pushed on fob the car will lock even if the door or doors are open. Do any of you think it is normal that its normal?
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    Noises and squeaks

    I have CX 5 2017 GT that is year and the half old 12000 miles and according to Mazda dealer all the noises and squeaks that I get inside new Mazda CX 5 that the dealer can not find the origin, and also loud engine (never experienced this with any new car I owned and I owned many) is normal. I...
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    2017~2022 2017 CX-5 GT Thumping noise coming from under rear seat

    I have 2017 CX-5 GT, need help of solving noise issue please. When the car is idling/not in motion (It does not matter if the gear shifter in P,R,N or D and if my foot on the break pedal or not) I hear the thumping noise coming from under rear seat, if I push with my hand in the middle of the...
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    Engine oil has strong smell of gasoline.

    Hey guys, I really need your help with diagnosing an issue. I pulled out engine oil dipstick on my 2017 CX-GT to check engine oil level. Engine oil had strong smell of gasoline. It only has 4700 miles on it, the car is new, had a first oil change about a month ago at the dealer. The car runs...
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    2017 CX-5 GT lurching forward

    I have only 2200.00 miles on the odometer as of right now. The problem I have currently having is: Vehicle is Lurching/Jumping/Jolting/Jerking forward when it is shifting from 3rd to 2nd and 2nd to 1st gears. Especially when it switches from 2nd to 1st (to Example: when slowing down at the stop...