Mazda2 Mazda2 (DE) Factory Keyless Entry Retrofit

Required parts:
* D658675DZ Keyless Entry Receiver
* Transmitter (Fob)
* OBDII adapter (ELM327 compatible - most OBDLink adapters fit the bill)
* Windows laptop
* FORScan Extended License (pay or register for the forum to get 2 months free - you need to access the forum either way) - https://forscan.org/home.html

1. Install the keyless entry receiver
2. Connect OBDII adapter
3. Put ignition to on position
4. Launch FORScan and connect to OBDII adapter
5. Confirm that BCM (AS BUILT format) appears in the Configuration and Programming tab
6. Select BCM and click Run Service Procedure
7. Click Save All to save factory configuration in case something doesn’t work properly
8. Change the first 4 characters in line 726-01-01 to A58D (if no DRL enabled) or A5CD (if DRL enabled). You will get a warning about the checksum, proceed anyway, and ForScan will automatically calculate the correct value.
9. Write All.
10. Click Stop Service Procedure
11. Once complete, cycle ignition off and on.
12. Program your keyless fob.
a) Open driver’s door
b) Insert key in ignition & cycle ignition on then off 3x
c) Close then open driver’s door 3x (quickly)
d) Cycle locks (lock/unlock) using button on console
e) Press unlock button on fob 2x and it should work
13. Enjoy!
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