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    Aftermarket Headlights
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    Wheel Photo Thread

    whats the offset moe fukka! looks fresh.
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    Losing power and Engine light.. HELP PLEASE!!!

    you think our stock rmm is bad? i'm building a 1989 sunbird gt turbo and its getting the 6 speed from a Chevy cruze... and while i was doing research i found that those cruzes have plastic mounts.... now that is cheap and flimsy!!!
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    Losing power and Engine light.. HELP PLEASE!!!

    you are getting a random misfire. take off the coil packs, remove your plugs and inspect them for any issues or pitting. make sure they are gapped to roughly .028", now put them back in a random order. do the same with the coil packs and see if the problem goes away.
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    Wheel Photo Thread

    not much actually. about the same as my 18x9 +35's, but its the inset that would be worrying. i bet it hits your struts. do you have 7 1/4" to spare from 9" above the hub? im gonna say no because my rims can only afford 10-15mm and those would need about 20-25 with a tire.
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    HELP MAFS codes, car running bad.

    my first guess would be to check your maf like the reader said. did you do that?
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    Not sure about my rims.

    you must gap them. put them at .028
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    Mazda 6 aftermarket side skirts 75.00+shipping

    so basically a speed 6 stock skirt. they look decent enough, but its hard to tell from a small pic. Bump.
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    Long time Member but finally introducing myself

    gap your plugs .028
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    Wheel Photo Thread

    where the **** in ab is bragg creek haha... nvm google maps is quite handy.
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    DataLogs for Review PLZ

    how did you hook in the pressure source for the wga and solenoid?
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    Cobb AP Discussion Thread

    nobodys tune will be good to go right away. if you can wait a few days i can help you out. i dont have atr on my little laptop but im sure i could easily get it.
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    Cobb AP Discussion Thread

    dont risk it on a stock intercooler.
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    Some red 6 with 9" wide wheels...

    it was hard to roll the fenders well because there are spot welds in places that make it hard to get a nice roll going. if i could do it again i would just take some sort of cutoff disk and then sand it smooth. then roll them and repaint them. i just rolled, sanded and repainted. i still need...
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    Some red 6 with 9" wide wheels...

    um... are you going to add camber? what tire size do you plan on running? will you be comfortable with rolling your fenders pretty flat? these are some questions that will have an effect on the outcome. but with no added camber over stock and a pretty flat fender roll and 235/40 tires i would...