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    How to Protect Car Paint?

    I like Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax. It is easy to apply and there is no white residue should you get it in the black plastic trim.
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    Do you use wheel locks?

    No… if someone wants to steal your tires these type of lug nuts are not going to deter them.
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    Surprise Checking Oil

    Yes, pulled the cover off to remove the white material. The cover just pulls off… easy removal. On the underside of the cover is a fibrous matting material. Perhaps part of the engine sound proofing. This is the material the mouse had used (chewed apart) to create the nest In the cavity...
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    Surprise Checking Oil

    Yea, I have done a check and couldn't see any damaged wiring. No caution lights coming on after a short 1/2 hr. drive and all the lights works so hopefully, the mice brought in take out meals :) vs. feasting on the car's electrical.
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    Surprise Checking Oil

    The CX5 doesn't get driven a lot in the summer months. Most of my trips I generally use the MX5. Anyway, getting ready for a trip this weekend and I was planning to take the CX5. Went to check the oil and found a surprise under the engine cover near the oil cap. See the attached photos. The...
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    ND MX-5 Anyone order from Black Hawk Japan?

    Has anyone ever ordered from Black Hawk Japan https://www.blackhawkjapan.com/? If yes, any issues? I was looking at ordering a DAMD steering wheel (model SS358M) and their pricing is better than the other suppliers https://www.blackhawkjapan.com/produ...9b1daf2c&_ss=r.
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    Mazda Survey

    Just be honest in your review. The next guy researching the dealership will appreciate a honest review that truly reflects the level of service you received. The GM of the dealership should also welcome an honest review to assess how his/her employees are servicing clients.
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    Miata availability/price/lease thread

    I have the RF and don’t regret not getting the soft top. I prefer having both options...A hard top and the ability to go top down. A perfect solution would likely be a 2015 with the power retractable hardtop but they are in short supply as a used MX5. Wade
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    2018 CX-5 GT Ticking

    I listened to both clips again. I think the OPs has a much more distinctive "tick" sound. My 2018 (21k kms) sounds like the clip sm1ke posted. Wade
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    2017~2022 Rear Door bent, doesn't close fully. Repairs, what to expect?

    ^^^ This may be the case for damage stemming from a theft, vandalism, fire, or broken windows however, I believe your premiums would be affected because the accident (damage) was your direct fault and not someone else. Before filing a comprehensive claim check with your insurance.
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    2017~2022 Rear Door bent, doesn't close fully. Repairs, what to expect?

    Take it to a reputable body shop. They can price out a new OEM door or a used one from a wreck. Or, advise you if they repair the existing door. I had a used door installed on our 2018 Honda Civic vs new. They provided VIN, year and mileage of the donor vehicle. They used the inside guts and...
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    Window Sticker with MSRP?

    Try calling Mazda US. I was able to get a copy from Mazda Canada for my MX5 by providing them with the VIN number. Wade
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    Cylinder Deactivation Update

    As noted in the other thread recall done in July 2019 & travelled about 16,000 km since the recall. No vibration. Can not tell when CD goes on or off. Wade