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    WTB Mazdaspeed Protege Parts

    I've got 505 intake (new) Tranny with light weight flywheeel with LSD
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    WTB *Ongoing* WANTED: Mazda Protege aftermarket, OEM, parts and cars

    Also have built engine and tranny with LSD and light weight flywheel
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    WTB Any MSP aftermarket parts

    Lots of parts I have
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    WTB *Ongoing* WANTED: Mazda Protege aftermarket, OEM, parts and cars

    I have the 505 Intake(new) Wilwood BBK, Ram horn and downpipe (for T3/T4) GT Spec braces,Oil pan. 17"Volk 2pce rims. Carbon fiber hood.Shoot me a price lets talk 3474231223
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    WTB *Ongoing* WANTED: Mazda Protege aftermarket, OEM, parts and cars

    I've got it all, as a matter of fact my car is sitting rusting. Everything you pictured I have and more.
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    Rare Mazda Protege Parts For Sale

    Gentlemen, It's been several years I got out of the MAZDA game. My protg has possibly every part made for it (possibly?) I'm pretty sure if you're looking for it....I got it. My car has been sitting for some time now and I'd like to pass it on to someone else. I do not have the time to sit...
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    Best way to remove scratches. =(

    Do you park in the same spot always?
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    Best way to remove scratches. =(

    No big deal here buddy...... Small scratches = polish Deep scratches = clay bar - rubbing compound -polish-seal By hand or by machine....either way will get the job done Name brands do not matter in your case....Anything off the shelf will do. IMPORTANT! Your roof line might have well been...
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    Changing oil in a CX-5 Turbo. Did the salesguy blow smoke up my tailpipe?

    FAKE NEWS! Tell me how many times you've seen mechanics do oil changes and stop to "lube" the filter......VERY RARE! It's a good practice but hardly anyone does it. No It will NOT destroy turbo lol
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    AAC Wilwood SL-6 Big Brake Kit.

    Damn....I see how they effed up the rotors!! didn't make them reimburse you ?? GLWS
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    What have you done to your MSP today?

    so 10years later TURBOJ replies LMAO.... But yea, the MICROTECH is pretty good, on a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give it a 7. It pretty much comes down to the tuner. And sorry for not responding, I'm not really on the forums that much now, I just check in to see whats new. PM me let's exchange #'s
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    Best way to remove bugs from headlights

    rubbing compound followed by a polish
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    FS-DE Custom Cams GB

    I got your PM and replied. Will the vendor get on M247 for a bit of Q&A ?
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    FS-DE Custom Cams GB

    I'm interested...