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    Winter pics

    Nice & clean, bet that doesn't last long in the snow! My nice warm Florida self is marveling at the icicles.... brrrrrrrrrrr
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    Unfortunate situation, new owner... What to do??!

    yup go back, grab the service writer & take 'em for a ride and make them aware of the problems
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    New to forum

    Welcome! Always nice to have another Speed6 around!
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    Revert unsuccessfull chip-tuning to stock?

    Good, at least you have a starting point. ECUTek website indicates two Mazda tuners in the US, suggest you contact them, and see if they can assist with getting the factory ROM back on the ECU. You may need to send them the ECU to play with. You could also contact ECUTek HQ over in the UK, but...
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    Revert unsuccessfull chip-tuning to stock?

    What product was used to load the tune? It's entirely possible that the dealer will not have access to the ECU and you may need to contact the manufacturer of the tuning product for initial assistance getting the stock ROM reloaded
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    Unfortunate situation, new owner... What to do??!

    If you can hold out, I would suggest doing the fuel pump and an AP. It's not an inexpensive pair, but it really has become the best, safest first mod. The fuel pumps on the ms3 just do not have the holding power.
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    Local speed 6 (grey) written off, GI on parts/worth buying it back

    Well, take it for granted that they would buy the parts. There are so few MS6's to pick over and pretty much all of us MS6 owners need something or another. Thing is, it needs to be the other guy that posts it, and he has to meet the requirements. Like all forums now they just don't want to deal...
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    Local speed 6 (grey) written off, GI on parts/worth buying it back

    lolz- Didjya follow the MSF rules? nope Did MSF do what the rules say happens when you don't follow the rules? Yup Doesn't take much brotha :) And heaven knows that my VIP cost has paid for itself over & over & over again! That place is like a post-graduate class on tuning
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    Local speed 6 (grey) written off, GI on parts/worth buying it back

    damn, if it was local I'd cough up $3500 in a heartbeat! There are a ton of parts to sell- just a quick run through I'm coming up with 5-6K in parts, no doubt there's more. Parting out has the highest return value, it just takes some time. There's a speed6 part-out on MSF that has seen steady...
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    Free Mazda Bottle / NAIAS

    OMG I saw the supercharger in there and got all happy there for a moment, then realized that was not mazda :( awwwwwwwwww Great pics tho- your phone camera does pretty darn well! Thanks for posting em up! oh- and add a white mazdaspeed sticker to that water bottle! :)
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    Unfortunate situation, new owner... What to do??!

    Nice thing is that you are effectively starting from brand new, so it's yours to screw up. Or not. Nothing to be nervous about, just do your due dillegence and if you mod, do it properly and in the correct order.
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    Fs hks bov/bpv ssqv 4

    great price for a great valve GLWS!
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    Turbo timer with Alarm

    TT's are just a bling mod for cars with water cooled turbos. Welcome to the 1980's. I doubt you're hard boosting into your parking spot, and if you are then you need to make other adjustments beyond anything a TT will assist with. Necessity, or lack of, aside, if a TT is on your must have list...
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    new msp owner

    Welcome! Sweet looking MSP, love the color :)
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    Fuel Pump upgrades

    Internals are just fine, again if skills & tools are available. That's what most folks do simply because of the price for the full pump, but that's the price you pay for no skills, no tools and nobody to talk into doing it for you... :)