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    Marvel vs Techron

    If the car is running fine, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Adding Sub and Amp question (2022 CX-5)

    Correct. That sub will take speaker level inputs. No LOC needed. This is true for almost all modern amps and equipment.
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    2012 Mazda3 seat removal question

    There's hoop that you flip up before the harness will release. It's usually colored black, blue, or green.
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    Mazda5 Dash illumination - LED bulbs?

    The only bulb you can easily replace is the gear shifter bulb.
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    Got into a accident yesterday

    Airbag deployed. Guarantee that's the only reason they totaled. it.
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    What dashcam are you using?

    I have a Rexing in both of my Mazdas. They seem to work well.
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    Beware of LASFIT LED bulbs

    10 ohms, 25 watts
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    Beware of LASFIT LED bulbs

    Sylvania ZEVO LED's are so good, they have lifetime warranties!
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    Off Topic A guide on how to get better sound quality out of your stereo

    PART 1 - Source Before anything else, learn about the computer term "GIGO". Garbage In, Garbage Out. What that means is, no matter how good your hardware is, if the software is trash, then the whole thing is trash. Any system is only as good as the weakest link, and if you're starting with the...
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    2015 CX-5 Pioneer Upgrade

    Okay, that explains why you've never noticed just how bad those decks sound. If you were to play an actual CD, or play native WAV or FLAC file without using bluetooth, and you're using some good speakers with that radio, it's straight up nails on a chalkboard! To someone who enjoys a nice sound...
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    2015 CX-5 Pioneer Upgrade

    I am well aware of the whole XDADevelopers threads about them. I deep dove into them trying to get mine to work correctly. Nope. Never did. First one was garbage. Loved the idea of them so much, 6 months later tried another "updated" model. Nope. Trash. 6 months later, yet another "new...
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    I miss my Mazda3

    Oh man, I always loved those MX-6's! Such an under-rated and massively underappreciated car. Same goes for its twin the first gen Ford Probe. They were pretty sick rides back in the day.
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    2015 CX-5 Pioneer Upgrade

    When you say "Android", you do mean a good quality Android Auto head like Pioneer, Kenwood, or Alpine, right? Please tell me you aren't getting one of those random no-name Chinesium "Pure Android" radios, because I promise you, as attractive as they seem, *you do not want that*. I tried three...
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    Aftermarket head unit, keeping USB (AX-MAZUSB)

    The Scosche adapter plugs in behind the radio, not behind the port in the center console. And I promise yes it fits. The only negative is that you will lose the analog aux input that is right next to the USB port by using that Scosche adapter. It is what it is.
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    Aftermarket head unit, keeping USB (AX-MAZUSB)

    The *ONLY* USB interface that will let you keep the factory center armrest USB port with an aftermarket radio is the Scosche TAUSB01B Don't even try anything else, it won't work. The Scosche however, does.