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    CX-9 Steering Wheel Wrap

    I would begin by watching as many steering wheel stitching tutorials on YouTube and give yourself a full weekend for the project. Tips: Ensure the wrap is perfectly lined up before stitching To reduce neck strain, rotate the steering wheel so you're always stitching at a downward comfortable...
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    CX-9 Steering Wheel Wrap

    After repeatedly telling myself I will never wrap another steering, here's number 4. Even though wrapping a steering wheel takes blood, sweat and tears, oh did I mention multiple hours to complete, it's one of the few mods you can truly enjoy on a daily basis. Even after 4 steering wheel wraps...
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    Replacing stock DRL to LED lights

    Just switched those amber halogens with some beautiful white LED's last night. The bulbs were easy to access and remove. Make sure to have your running lights so you can locate the bulb opening during re-installation.
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    Protecting plastic parts on new c9 from sun damage

    303 Aerospace on all plastic surfaces. They call the stuff "SPF 15 for your car" for a reason, and it really works. The black plastic on my 2012 FRS (treated with 303 after every wash) still look new, zero signs of degradation.
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    Bumper Applique

    After searching, for way too many hours, it seems like Lamin-X is the only company that sells pre-cut rear bumper applique. My applique should arrive this weekend. I will update this post with pictures. Edit: Finally applied the bumper protector. The film spans the width of the rear bumper...
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    Guide 2nd Generation CX-9: License plate bulb installation/upgrade

    Thank you for the DIY write up! I just replaced my license plate light just a moment ago, and found this video to be very helpful in removing the light cover.