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    backup and front camera - any improvement that can be done

    Not directed at anyone in particular? He's the one that chimed in about people griping about a technology that is used for "15 seconds per day". If he meant no offense, fine ... time to move on. But if you can't see where someone could take offense to his comment, and construe this as...
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    backup and front camera - any improvement that can be done

    This is a forum. People are allowed to express their displeasure about an item or feature on their own vehicle without your approval. What you deem as inconsequential is obviously an annoyance to some, especially considering the price point of the vehicle and the technology that is out there...
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    backup and front camera - any improvement that can be done

    That's not the biggest gripe, chief. Maybe you should read ... this subject is about the camera(s).
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    backup and front camera - any improvement that can be done

    Agree ... cameras didn't get any better in our 2020 either. The backup cam in my 2011 Hyundai Sonata blows this one away ... pretty sad considering the price point of the CX-9.
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    2016~2023 USB in Front Console

    I just use an old school 12V socket plugged into the outlet on the front passenger side ... wire stays out the way.
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    Any Word on the 2020 CX-9 Changes?

    I had a heck of a time finding a 2020 GT with the bench seats, especially in Silver. Needed the bench seats for the kids. Everything locally available was coming in with 2nd row captain's chairs and/or Machine Gray. After about a month of looking, my dealer finally got a hold of one.
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    2016-2019 mud flaps installation

    Hey, thanks much for the pics, very helpful. Just completed this yesterday, they look great, As you mention, the fronts were a piece of cake; the backs were a real PITA. No idea why Mazda just didn't put rivets there where the holes are beneath the liner.
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    Guide 2nd Generation CX-9: Reverse light bulb replacement/upgrade

    The 2020 has LED's for the license plate bulbs and the interior rear cargo bay. Still halogen bulbs for the reverse lights and the rear turn signals ... kind of ridiculous since everything else in the rear is LED.
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    Aftermarket CX-9 Exhaust tips?

    Excellent call on these tips! Just installed them ... a much better look than the stock ones. A bit of a pain to line up and install, plus the screws/tabs just miss fitting over the entire back end of the existing tips so they get tightened to the back end of the chrome instead of the exhaust...
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    How to remove license plate bulb cover on 2016 Mazda CX 9

    Most likely to swap them for LED bulbs like I did. To the OP, I would also wrap a towel or cloth around the screwdriver while popping off the cover ... it's very easy to slip off and gouge the paint.
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    CX-9 Clogged AC Evaporator Drain

    I had a 2007 CX9 before I recently traded it in for the 2017 version. This issue happened in that vehicle constantly ... I had to clear out the drain with my air compressor at least twice/yr. Never noticed any cause for the blockage ... just an extremely poor design.
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    2016 Grand Touring LED upgrade

    Thanks ... got it done. Crazy ... I've never had a car where I've had to remove a taillight to change a bulb.
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    Holy crap this car is awesome!

    Good luck with the new wheels. I got the Grand Touring 2 weeks ago and I love the vehicle as well (wife talked me out of the Signature because guaranteed the little ones would destroy the nice interior). The seat memory function does not work the mirrors unfortunately. It does remember the...
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    2016 Grand Touring LED upgrade

    I'm not seeing how to access the rear turn signal bulbs to replace with LED's. All vehicles I have done this to previously provided access to the rear signal through the trunk or cargo bay by removing a panel of some sort. I see no such panel inside the cargo bay area on my '17 CX-9 GT. Any help...