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    22X10.5 wheel w/40 offset?

    Those look like Curva C48 wheels. Here are the colours they originally came in, just for reference: I think a "safe" colour choice is silver or gunmetal grey. I'm not a fan matte or gloss black on wheels. Personally, I really like gold wheels on that shade of blue, but it is a "loud" colour...
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    Dr. Colorchip

    This. If you want a perfect match, or even a close match, you won't find it by using touch up paint for these more complex colours. You can try what @ZOOM21 mentioned above in terms of application, but I can tell you from personal experience that a single application from the OEM machine grey...
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    I wanna build my mp5

    A lot of those links in the Engine section should be what you're after. Many include detailed installations and writeups, as well as short and long term impressions of the specific products used. If you don't find what you're looking for there, try searching the entire forum using the Search...
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    I wanna build my mp5

    Start here: Mazda How-To Quick Links
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    Off Topic Rav4 Prime XSE

    Thanks for posting.
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    Has anyone ever installed this rear view camera?

    Have you contacted the seller to see if they have any advice?
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    2017~2022 2.5T Oil Dilution

    I would say that it's worth looking into. Get a sample of the used oil during your next oil change, and send it out for analysis. You can also raise the issue with the dealer and/or call Mazda Corporate to get your concern "on paper", but a UoA from a lab is very helpful in proving that there is...
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    New Member w/ a MANUAL 2017 CX-5

    Just a suggestion.. if you're interested in engine performance mods to make your car a bit faster, you're going to want to stay away from the OEM CX-9 rims. The 20s weigh 39.55 lbs each! Go with an aftermarket rim instead.
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    Guide 2nd Generation CX-9: Bose subwoofer improvement

    Happy to hear it worked for you guys! (y)
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    Out with the old (2008). In with the new (2019)

    Just a heads up, the side mirrors are very good at holding water and dripping onto the sides of the car while you drive. Whenever I wash mine, I fold them in and out to wipe down the area as much as I can. Seems to work. Also, I would suggest ditching the chamois and switching to microfiber...
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    Anyone install a CX-5 cold air intake?

    Sounds like the discussion has run it's course. Thread locked. Friendly reminder: In the future, please remember to try to remain on topic. Thank you.
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    Link to AutoExe front strut bar review for 2016+ CX-9