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    WTB-01 MP3 or 03 MSP factory rear lip

    Looking for a factory 2001 MP3 or 2003 MSP rear bumper lip. The 2003.5 MSP rear lips are different. Must be 2003 MSP or 2001 MP3. Must be in good shape with no pieces missing.
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    Crankshaft pulley

    Holly hell Mr. Fragment sentence.
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    big boy upgrades / big gains upgrade

    The upgrades principles are the same from car to car. It's availability that you will have trouble with. Do a search
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    G-Series Transmisson case reinforcement

    The plate reinforces the input/output bearings, prevents the shafts from deflecting and stops 3rd gear from shearing. If you plan on going turbo, it's a good idea to use this. I have personally sheared 4 sets of 3rd gear over the last 8 years.
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    G-Series Transmisson case reinforcement

    Decided to go a different route. Brand new G-series transmission reinforcement plate. Bought it during the last GP. Comes with instructions on how to machine the case. $275 shipped.
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    SLS catless midpipe inner diameter

    I had their catless midpipe. It lasted about 20K miles and it fell apart. Welds are terrible and it didn't fit very well. Was a 2.5" mid-pipe. As for the thickness, I don't not know. I would not buy from them again.
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    Brand New Perrin Fuel rail

    I've had this for many years and never installed in. Perrin aluminum fuel rail with return fuel line. Never installed. Just been sitting in my closet. $200 shipped in CONUS.
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    GI: 505 Cold Air Box Round 2

    I'll do it for you. Put you at #1. If you want the piping and looking for pricing, check the first post and look at the old link. 1:P5_BizNis - P5 head lights. Box only 2: RyanJayG - Sedan - Boosted - 3" inlet - Black anodized box only 3: Perro del Sol - Sedan - box only - Turbo - Anondized...
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    Cam gears and ADP

    Message sent
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    Cam gears and ADP

    Cam gears SOLD!!
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    High compression pistons on stock ECU?

    Please enlighten me as to the timing table the stock ecu has? I also have tuned the FS and spent countless hours on it. As for relying solely on the knock sensor, that was not what was said. I said if knock occurred, the stock ecu would pull it. Safety feature. 10.4-1CR with the stock ECU, cam...