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    Oops - left window down

    So... last Monday someone left the window of the the 2013 CX-5 open about 4 inches overnight while it rained. There was water on the inside of the door and into the window and door controls. I mopped up as best I could, and everything still works. The car lives outside, so no way to dry it...
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    Just Purchased: 2013 CX-5

    Hi. I have a 2013 6MT. No advice except to enjoy it! I've done nothing to mine except oil changes. Ended up doing the plugs and brakes at 130k. Still has the original battery too :-)
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    How long did your brake pads last?

    Well I finally got my original brakes replaced on my 2013 CX-5 at 130,000 km and down to 2mm. I've been at 3mm for well over a year, so I probably would have been ok for a bit longer but the dealer offered me a few bucks off to do it while it was there for service and they had the wheels off...
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    Poll Who has a CX-5 and a Miata?

    I have always wanted a Miata. I will have one someday. It's not super practical here unless I have somewhere to put it away in the winter. The CX-5 was sort of a compromise between the truck I gave up and the Miata I wanted. I love my CX-5 though.
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    Anyone running 16" wheels?

    I put my snowies on black 16" rims from Tire Rack and I like them better than the alloys. I had a bit of rotor rub once but then I realized the tire store had put the tires on backwards (dunno). Easy fix, embarrassed tire store.
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    How long does the 2017 original equipment battery remain trouble free?

    2013 still going strong Purchased my 2013 CX-5 in May of 2012 and still has the original battery. Original everything actually. Not even a bad burp in 7.5 years. Original brakes are down to 3mm so will do them before too long. I should probably think about changing out the battery this...
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    $300 Canadian to change CX-5 spark plugs - Really?

    Thanks for the info. I personally prefer OEM parts (except for tires, haha). I learned my lesson a long time ago with oil filters and my B2200. I had also read the other thread and I certainly don't owe this car anything, so I have no problem doing maintenance on it. It just seemed a bit...
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    $300 Canadian to change CX-5 spark plugs - Really?

    My 2013 (May 2012) CX-5 is at 110,000km and plugs are due at 120. The dealer said $300 (Canada) to change them. Is it really that big a deal? I know the plugs are a little spendy, but that still seems like a lot in labour. How long does it really take? I no longer have a built in mechanic...
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    How long did your brake pads last?

    120,000 km on 2013 - no brakes needed yet :-) 3mm all round at today's service. Driving is city / rural. Almost never on the highway. I love my CX-5.
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    High Mileage CX-5s - report in

    I just rolled over 96,000 km. I bought mine in May of 2012. I had one of the first ones in my area, and I had to order it with the 6MT and wait two months. So far not even a bad burp. Nothing but oil changes. It's been serviced at the dealership since I like them (hard to believe, I know)...
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    Cargo Liner?

    Thanks all, but I'm after something like this: Wondering if the one for the CX3 would be close enough. Would be a gift for a friend. I may stop by the dealer and see.
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    Cargo Liner?

    Hi I'm looking for a soft cargo liner like the ones they make for the CX3 and CX5. Has anyone found anything good for their 2? thx
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    Minus sizing winter tires

    How do you all feel about minus sizing? Tire Rack 'recommends' a 16" package for my CX-5. Good idea?? Definitely a little cheaper. thanks!
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    What color did you choose?

    Having driven a silver B2200 for 25 years I was ready for a different colour. I like the stormy blue with the tan interior but it's not available in Canada. I considered them all but went with the silver and I love it. It's darker than my truck and looks clean even when it isn't.
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    Adding leather to the CX-5

    I added my heated leather after the fact at a detail center owned by the dealers group. It looks great and was was around $1200 before tax. And it was custom, not a kit. I got black leather with grey stitching, after reconsidering the light grey inserts I wanted. The guy at the shop told me...