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    Looking for new Setup, and input is greatfull

    Looks like I will have to go with a 18 x 8" rim with 225/45/R18 offset maybe than at least +48 Cause there is very little to offer with a 18 x 7.5" rim
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    Looking for new Setup, and input is greatfull

    Hey, So I got my Bonus CHQ and time to put to use haha. Right now I am running stock suspension, with 235/40/R18 tires on 18 x 8" rims offset of +40. It rubs on the back when i have a full car. So now I am looking to get new suspension and new wheels and tires. It seems from most posts I am...
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    Northill mazda is the worst dealership.

    hmmm.. Yeah I have had 50/50 with Kramer mazda! this is why I trust only me with my car!
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    Wheel & Tire Options

    Well just to have some input and maybe help some one. I have 18 x 8" Enkei Razrs. Offset is +40 on 235/40/R18 Tires. With a stock suspension setup. I had to roll all the fenders and even than with 4 people in the car and full trunk the Back still rubs. ( I am now changing to a 18 x 7.5 rim...
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    Calgary mazdas?

    hahah WOW! HELLZ yeah, Calgary, Mazdaspeed 6 black. GOING through a Massive Overhaul so next spring she will be Totaly Different. Havent been on for a while, it was a marraige thing no biggie! lol
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    2007 Mazdaspeed6 navigation installation Check that out, Im thinking of getting something like this myself, since...
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    Losing power and Engine light.. HELP PLEASE!!!

    Just wanted to let you know fellow Calgarian, that the shop is Detailz but i went in today to complain and i happen to get the owner of the place. Nice fella explained to him what happened. and he gave me a Free interior Detailing package! So im happy they recognized the mistake and gave me...
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    Losing power and Engine light.. HELP PLEASE!!!

    hahaha, wow "PLASTIC" lol 89 sunbird nice car! whats the paint job gonna be like?
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    Losing power and Engine light.. HELP PLEASE!!!

    ahhh yeah no problem, Yeah i would take a look at it for sure, you can always take a look at it yourself too when at the dealership see if you can get under the car. if you see any cracking on the rubber portions get it replaced! When i took it out i was SHOCKED to find this is whats holding...
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    Losing power and Engine light.. HELP PLEASE!!!

    kinda of on the RMM it didnt fail but i sure had a hell of time shifting once i added some extra power to the car. 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd were always the worst. Replaced it with the new SURE R 6 and wow hell of a difference will give you fair warning. if you have the A/C on you can DEF...
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    Losing power and Engine light.. HELP PLEASE!!!

    so here is the low down FIXED!!!! and thanks for all the tips guys! no1 I cleaned the MAF sensor with a MAF cleaner since there was black crap all over it that was easy. than YES I FOUND WATER in Cylinder 2 all over the coils and sparkplugs. I used a special spark plug cleaner did it too...
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    Losing power and Engine light.. HELP PLEASE!!!

    Ok so i have the car for a long time and only done a CAI and RMM in the last i dont know 400 miles on it. I also just went to the detail place and they detailed my engine as well, high end place though they do high end cars, so i would think they know what they are doing. in any case. Car...
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    Does the CP-e FMIC fit with a Mazdaspeed CAI??

    Just want to know if the FMIC can be installed with the piping if you have the Mazdaspeed CAI?? or is there conflict on room? Will i have to change over to a Short ram intake instead?? anybody know any info on this would be great. Cause when i see photos of the FMIC it still looks like the...
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    Need to get the Dullness back to Shinyness??

    Hey ok so FINALLY! My mazdaspeed 6 will be my project car. Sitting in my garage! First thing I did was remove the nasty 3M tape off the fog lights cause it was melted. Next I started to peel off the 3M tape off the Hood of the car. and some sticky glue residue was left behind on the one...
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    My Velocity Speed6

    Sick man! How the hell did you get that Engine bay so clean????