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    Jeff's 2008 Special Edition Build Thread...

    Yeah, it's a nice touch, particularly with that color.
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    Want to purchase my first Mazda but hae some questions.

    Mazda replaced the dashboard at no charge. If the dealer asks you to pay for the service, call factory customer service. They should be able to help you out.
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    Rear visibility and other questions

    I agree. I never have visibility issues and I use my mirrors almost exclusively (very little checking over my shoulders). I keep them adjusted as far towards the adjacent lane as is practical. I find a good way to adjust the mirrors is to tilt my head toward the mirror and adjust it until I can...
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    2012 mazda3 vibrating while idling

    I've noticed a similar issue in my 2013. It seems like it's stronger than I'm used to but not so bad that I feel anything needs to be addressed. I also find that it comes and goes... How extreme is the vibration for you? Does your car have direct injection? The sense I get in my car is that the...
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    3 is a nice ride

    I'm glad you like it! I love my 2013 Mazda3. I don't know any other car in it's class that has driving dynamics anywhere near as engaging.
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    Is it totaled? 2013 mazda 3 touring

    Yeah, that looks like a fairly straight forward repair. I don't see anything that would cause frame damage. Have you driven the car since the accident? Does it still track straight or does it feel like the alignment is off?
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    windshield wiper not working

    Could you provide more info? What year is it? Mileage? Can you get your ear close to the motor and have someone move the stalk to see if there's any sound to help diagnose? The symptoms are strange because if the front wipers and fluid aren't working, I'd say it's a bad switch or connection at...
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    Want to purchase my first Mazda but hae some questions.

    Is that really a good price for a 2013 Mazda 3? I have that very car with roughly the same mileage and when I looked at valuations, I didn't think I could get that much. I haven't had any issues with my car apart from the front side window trim getting loose for no appearant reason. Just time, I...
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    Jeff's 2008 Special Edition Build Thread...

    Nice car! I see you've replaced the fuel filler door as well...
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    Miata shuts off when I turn on the lights.

    Were you able to resolve this? My first guess would be something is shorting to ground and it's most likely the wiring harness. Animals tend to chew through them when they've been sitting for a long time. Try removing the headlight relay and fuse, one at a time and then see if the same thing...