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    2009 Mazda 3 clear bra

    Anyone out there have advise on whether a clear bra is a good thing for the money and what kind they recommend? I heard the older ones use to turn yellow and are not for the DIY. I travel 97% highway and I am sure the front will get banged up if I do nothing. I have heard good and bad about...
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    Valentine One Mounting Mazda 3

    Mazda 3 pics Will post this weekend or send me a Pm with your email
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    Window Tint Levels

    Window tint: OEM What percentage comes stardard on a Mazda 3 i touring? Seems like about 50%? I want to get a tint job in Raleigh, NC. Any recommendations, I will go with a legal 35% tint sine the inspection shops do a test and you have to pay extra if it is not OEM
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    Mazda 3 life expectancy

    How many miles does a Mazda 3 lst before having serious problems? 225,000? What is the most mileage out there of current users? Just bought a Mazda 3 sedan and drive 1,000 miles per week. Got the 3 year no interest deal, so I am sure to have 150K on it by the time I paid it off. Hoping to...
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    Valentine One Mounting Mazda 3

    Mazda 3 Valentine One placement Yes, it is a little obstructed out the back window due to my head as the driver but I don't think it is significant reduces the sensitivity. It has a pretty good line of sight directly out the back but my head does take away alittle on the side. I appear to get...
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    2009 Mazda 3 i Touring trip computer

    You got that right.
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    2009 Mazda 3 i Touring trip computer

    Anytone had any luck activating the trip computer on the 09's? I am looking at the Scan Gauge II but it seems like I can buy alot of gas for $159.00. I drive about 95% highway at speeds greater than 70 mph (70 legally) At what speed to you think the Mazda 3 sedan 5 speed manual gets the...
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    Valentine One Mounting Mazda 3

    After toying around, I am going to install mine in the headliner above the RVM, Just bought a remote display but would be intersted in seeing where other have theirs. I ran the wire across the visor and down the A-Pillar, between the pillar and the dash, inside the weather stripping in the...
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    Wiring for an LED in the Map Light

    Mazda 3 Map light If I wanted to hardwire my Valentine one radar detector to these map light wires, any thoughts on how to do it?
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    Valentine One Mounting Mazda 3

    Valentine one Thanks, I have seen a nice stealth installs but on other type of cars. Nicest one I have seen in built into the middle of the rear seat with a remote display in the dash. Maybe someone else might reply.
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    Valentine One Mounting Mazda 3

    I would be interested in learning how others have installed their Valentine one radar detectors in thier Mazda 3 sedans. Pictures and narrative welcomed. I have seen one installation that hangs from the mirror but I am not impressed. I would prefer to have a very low profile. Not sure if the...