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    CX-9 sold - 2 accessories available

    Hi folks... Ive been away from the forum for a while... thats because I sold the CX-9. I just put two items up for sale in the marketplace section... link below if you want to take a look. https://www.mazdas247.com/forum/showthread.php?123869789-2016-2019-CX-9-sunscreen-and-cargo-nets-for-sale
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    2016-2019 CX-9 - sunscreen and cargo nets for sale

    I recently sold my CX-9 and have 2 items up for sale: 1. Covercraft UVS100 Custom Sunscreen - Part #UV11472BL - $25 + shipping (PM me with zip code so I can get a shipping quote). Been using it for 3 years. It is in good condition and still does its job perfectly. It's a perfect/custom fit...
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    key fob battery life

    Mine was good for just under two years before having to replace it.
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    Who would like a Foot activated rear lift gate as a new option?

    Definitely a nice to have... not a deal breaker for me.
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    Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

    Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to be available as retrofit this fall Thats the only usb hub and cable kit that has been released and the same one I installed in my CX-9. Cable length will be more than enough. Youll actually have to tuck some excess cable away as stated in the instructions.
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    Panoramic Roof...who wants it as an option?

    Id definitely be down for it. To me, this sunroof feels too small for the size of the car, Im always driving with the sunroof or the at least the cover open, and I absolutely love the luxurious look and feel of pano roofs (keep in mind our other car is a soft top Miata, so we obviously enjoy...
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    Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

    Step by step instructions in the hi-drive folder. Read them multiple times to get familiar and stick to them. Its a very easy process, but you can brick your system if you dont follow instructions. https://my.hidrive.com/share/hsodpqja.l#$/Mazda_Firmware/1%20CarPlay-AndroidAuto%20INSTALL
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    CX-9 Steering Wheel Wrap

    They claim its 100% genuine leather... why would you think you wouldnt be able to use the heated steering wheel function? Im guessing heat would still transfer through the wrap; or wouldnt it?
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    Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

    Or the other way around too... you could be streaming audio from carplay and use Mazdas native navigation app. Plus on carplay you can run more than one navigation app at the same time. I like using apples own because thats the one defaulted on the nav button in the center console, but Im...
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    cx9 due for facelift and next gen cx9?

    Yeah... that doesnt say anything but regular minor styling changes that they make every year. If they do change some stuff around like fascia, lights, and bumpers, that would probably be more like a refresh, but certainly doesnt seem to be talking about next gen which entails a total redesign...
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    CX-9 Steering Wheel Wrap

    Not sure if this is the one he went with, but looks very similar. Very nice for a wrap/cover. It definitely looks OEM. Wish they made one like this for the Miata. Eiseng DIY Genuine Black Leather Steering Wheel Cover Custom Fit for 2017 2018 Mazda 3 Mazda 6/2017 2018 Mazda CX-5/2016 2017 2018...
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    Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

    Atxyde answered your question... Ill just add that you can enable touchscreen in motion wit AIO tweaks.
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    cx9 due for facelift and next gen cx9?

    I really hope they dont add the pano roof... cause that will make me want to trade up!!! For me, there were two boxes left unchecked when we purchased back in 2016 1. Pano roof and 2. Carplay. I checked the latter one about a month ago. Of course I wouldnt mind seeing/having other...