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    Navigation accuracy

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    Cabin Air Cleaner

    $10.41 + shipping at
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    oil capacity

    There are people who can't read their Owners manuals on all forums............
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    heavy water spots on paint

    Yes, alkaline buildup = acid to remove..............
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    Horn Replacement

    That's why they print Service Manuals...........
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    Problem with order

    Sounds like an inept dealer and an uninformed buyer. A bad combination. Nice of you to order a car without knowing the price. Great negotiation theory.
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    So Who received Free Touchup paint in the mail from MazdaUSA

    Yes, about 3 1/2 months after I bought it.
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    Input wanted: Is $2300 worth 15K miles?

    Price s/b 10-15% less than 2008 invoice.
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    Genuine Parts Store
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    After market trailer hitch
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    Mile Per Gallon!!!!

    Run your tires about 4 psig higher than your manual says will help a little.
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    Fog light BULBS

    8,000K is way too blue!
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    new owner question Tire Pressure (NYC)

    Put some air in the tires!!!!!
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    Locked out of Bluetooth

    You must live in an alternative universe. Day after day, topic after topic, the lazy or those who want the answer served up on a silver platter will ALWAYS ask first!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Oil Change

    +1 Good explanation to counter the old wives tales spread throughout these forums.