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    2014 Mazda5: Parking brake sticking (won't release)

    I had a car back in the day that would not release the parking brake. Turned out the cables were seizing inside the cable housing. You might either need to figure out how to lubricate the cable, or replace them altogether.
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    Difference between rear subframe of Mazdaspeed3 and Mazda3?

    According to the official parts, the rear subframe is the same:
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    Affordable source for HVAC Control panel Light bulbs Mazda BP4K-61-C95?

    I think those are called Neo Wedge size T3 bulb:
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    Alternative to Mazda5?

    I agree, nothing else in the size class comes with 3rd row seating. We were devastated when our was totaled out in an accident. CX-5 would probably be the next best thing, or maybe even CX-30. But, you're missing out on the space efficiency of the Mazda5. Ford Transit Connect would be the...
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    Installed Raceland Coilovers (1999 Mazda Protege)

    Oh, and you are definitely going to need an alignment....
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    Installed Raceland Coilovers (1999 Mazda Protege)

    I could be wrong, its been a while since I was under a Protege... but, isn't the front sway bar supposed to bend over the tie rod? Almost looks like the car was assembled wrong after the coilover installation.
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    Installed Raceland Coilovers (1999 Mazda Protege)

    Pictures for reference?
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    Mazda MX-5 Miata Newbie

    Check out and the forums over there. There is a TON of information over there.
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    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    Swapped out the rear wheel bearings on our 2012 AWD model. What. A. Pain. In. The. Ass. Didn't take very long, but what an arduous process getting those hub bolts out. The YouTube video was a god-send for guidance.
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    Mazda5 Performance mod options?

    A turbo manual K-swap would be fun in the Mazda5....
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    Mazda Wheel alignment caster out of range

    Just be up front with them. Tell them you didn't look at the report until you got home, then noticed the castor numbers seemed out of whack. Be sure to mention how the car drives, and you are curious if they can throw the car on the rack to verify the numbers and see if they are really that...
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    Mazda Wheel alignment caster out of range

    Castor is not adjustable, but since you replaced the lower control arms I would expect it to fall mostly into place. I would be tempted to ask them to verify. My gut says they didn't really measure it since it isn't adjustable and it takes some level of effort to measure. FYI, castor helps...
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    Upgrading from Mazda5 - Which car?

    It was a great vehicle. Even better that they offered a trim level with a manual transmission! The Mazda5 did have tremendous capability for its size and class. I always looked at it as a 3-row Mazda3, which it effectively was. However, we found it a little bit tight on certain occasions...
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    Upgrading from Mazda5 - Which car?

    We went from our Mazda5 to a CX-9. It was the only move that gave us the 3-row seating we wanted, and the Mazda experience that the wife wanted. If Mazda had kept the Mazda5 or similar vehicle in the line-up, we might have stayed in that class.
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    Headlight change

    I have to disagree, the light output looks bright, but it's pretty clear from this picture that the glare for other drivers is horrible: