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    Got an oil change on my 2017 CX-5 today...Air filter left out, have a question

    The white mesh is post filter. It can be popped out and removed if desired.
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    Are you content with 19” Toyos or replacing them ASAP?

    I have 150 miles on new 19" LX25's. Much quieter then A36, smoother on road cracks and better grip. Steering response is a little bit slower, so I turn in a bit quicker to compensate. Overall very happy.
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    A Little More Power? 2015 CX-5

    I use an AEM Dryflow air filter. Similar to K&N but none of the oil getting sucked into the intake system as there is no oil.
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    2013~2016 When should the diff fluid be changed?

    I think 50k is recommended interval.
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    Brake Pad Replacement - Easy?

    No maintenance mode on 2018, right?
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    First repairs (wear and tear)

    I wonder if the adaptive cruise control, torque vectoring etc. that apply brakes are significantly impacting brake life on newer models?
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    Tire Recommendations?

    Is snow a factor? General is summer only, others all season.
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    2017~2022 Drop in mileage and performance?

    I think the additive warning is a general disclaimer, not all treatments are to be used. Lucas cleaner is also safe.
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    2017~2022 Drop in mileage and performance?

    I have not had a problem with Techron on my 18.
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    How to increase HP on my 2019 CX-5?

    When you floor the pedal you need to really push it all the way down to activate what I call The Button. It takes full flooring and then there is extra acceleration.
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    Toyo A36 in snow

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    Toyo A36 in snow

    Ok in snow, beware of rear end kicking out going fast around 90 degree turns. Lifting off throttle brings it back in.
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    Driving In Snow With AWD

    Be careful with chains. No margin for error installing.
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    fuel cleaner

    Techron is a solvent. If there is the possibility of of oil dilution I dump the oil soon there after.