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    2013~2016 Belt Tensioner - Shouldn't this be a warranty item?

    So your tensioner lasted about 64,000 miles. Right?
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    2017~2022 3 Year Warranty ending this month: Any service suggestions?

    Starfish did you find any warranty work? Mine is about to expire, I was thinking the same thing, I would hate to miss out on a repair that should have been covered under the 3 year warranty. I guess I don't have anything to get fixed. 3 years goes by fast. I didn't put enough miles on to get the...
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    What happened to the wheels and brakes section?

    Wasn't there a Wheels and Brakes section where people talked about wheels and brakes? Anyway, I rotated my tires and my back brakes look to have 25% left on them, and my front brakes look to have 80% left on them. Is this typical?
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    2017~2022 2.5T Oil Dilution

    Make sure you are reading the dipstick correctly. It is easiest to read first thing in the morning.
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    Anyone install a CX-5 cold air intake?

    I randomly picked one of the old Odd Rod trading cards from the internet, for the picture. As a kid I loved Odd Rod bubble gum cards. I was being a little sarcastic because a CX-5 is meant to be quiet and refined for sophisticated gentlemen and people want to make it louder and faster and some...
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    SkyActiv Oil Analysis Thread

    People wear gloves so they don't get their hands dirty.
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    Anyone install a CX-5 cold air intake?

    Has anyone dropped a V8 Hemi into their CX-5?
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    2018 CX-5 Oil Leak? Is this TSB for Tensioner?

    I guess they will reuse the valves and timing chain and everything else, and install them into the new cylinder head and you will have an almost like new engine. You will have to drive it easy at first as it breaks in.
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    2018 CX-5 Oil Leak? Is this TSB for Tensioner?

    Fantastic pictures. That job is like a million dollars lol. I guess pulling it apart is cheaper than putting in a new engine. Maybe there is a shortage of engines, who knows. The carbon build up doesn't look bad, and your engine is nice and clean.
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    2018 CX-5 Oil Leak? Is this TSB for Tensioner?

    I agree, me saying head gasket blown isn't accurate. I don't feel concerned about longevity, probably because it hasn't happened to me yet. I checked my filter from the last change, there were a few micro particles of metal in the filter so my car isn't fully broken in yet...
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    2018 CX-5 Oil Leak? Is this TSB for Tensioner?

    And with so little driving because of C-19, the warranty will be long expired when the engine blows and we will be stuck with a huge bill. Has anyone else with a non-diesel had their head gasket blow?
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    Cracked plexiglass instrument panel

    I looked at 303 cleaner and it says: '303 Automotive Interior Cleaner is safe and effective on: vinyl, plastic, rubber, leather, fabrics/upholstery, carpets, glass, and even LCD screens.'. I'm surprised that it stains plexiglass. Good to know.
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    Mazda CX-5 (2019) water wading depth?

    What depth of fresh water can we drive our CX-5 in slowly, without having to do any service? I was thinking 10" but after reading the posts it might be more like 3". Watching cars drive through the floodwater on TV today made me curious.