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    2016 CX5 GT windshield cracked by itself

    I'm glad insurance fixes it, unless it affects your rates. One of the cracks in my windshield seemed to crack spontaneously, although there is a small mark in the crack. It could be a small projectile but it would have come out of nowhere. I wonder if when the glass cracked a small chip just...
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    Garmin Parking Mode Cable anyone?

    I think the battery will be between 40 and 50 amp hours.Using .3A for a week would use 50 Amp hours, so it might last less than a full week.
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    2017~2022 Snow chains

    Well if you hear chains, and the statutes say chains, better get chains🙂 Cables and autosocks, etc. are lighter, maybe easier to install.
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    Garmin Parking Mode Cable anyone?

    I've heard more than 50% DOD depth of discharge will damage the battery. "The recommended DoD for lead-acid batteries isaround 50%, meaning you should not discharge more than half of your available battery capacity to avoid any damage or premature system degradation. ... Understanding depth of...
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    Poll 2.5T Coolant Leak/Engine Replacement. What can be done to prevent?

    Have you shown the car to another shop?
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    Garmin Parking Mode Cable anyone?

    12v? not 12.1 or 12.2? I think 12v is considered completely discharged, even though your car very well might start. If you don't have AAA or jumper cables maybe a lithium cell jump pack would be handy.
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    Parasitic battery drain on 2016 Mazda CX-5 Sport. Looking for help

    I thought about that but I wasn't sure where to mount it. So you have the 110v plug sticking out of the grill? That should be a convenient location. Do you have any pics for your installation?
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    New Member w/ a MANUAL 2017 CX-5

    I have the Skyactive 6MT with the 2.0L. It is a shame the 2.5L is not offered with this option in the US. I have made a chart of the engine RPM vs. the recommended shift points which they show in the owners' manual. In my chart the 'normal' shift points are circled while the 'cruise' shift...
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    Trouble starting the car

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    2017~2022 Snow chains

    On I 70 between Morrison and Dotsero, they want chains but here is an alternative: Approved for Colorado. CDOT has approved the AutoSock as the only named alternative traction device to chains that is accepted within the state for both commercial and passenger vehicles. But if you have "...
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    2017~2022 Snow chains

    Would you consider any other traction devices like cables? Regulations might vary on what is acceptable for those carry laws.
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    Parasitic battery drain on 2016 Mazda CX-5 Sport. Looking for help

    Did you install it under the hood? I think using o-rings on the battery with the SAE connector is the best. I think you might find giving the battery a full overnight charge maybe once a month will greatly improve things, unless your higher amperage drain continues. In the winter you might...
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    Does a 2014 with the 2.5 engine have a timing belt?

    At least try removing the bsttery cable to reset the computer. How are all of those things related? Engine inspection? Tire pressure inspection? It doesn't make sense to me.