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    2003 protege interference engine?

    The Protege 2.0L is officially non-interference, however, on this forum after timing belts have failed most people have replaced them without a problem. However, there are some reports of bent valves after a timing belt goes. It seems under most circumstances there is no valve damage but in...
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    Lx/dx bj spoiler install

    Looks good. An alternative is to get an ES trunk out of a junkyard. Of course, standard Mazda rust is a major issue around the mounting points of the spoiler to the trunk.
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    First time mazda owner 2003 protege es 5 speed

    Welcome! '03 in Laser Blue Mica is relatively rare but a great color.
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    2002 Protege ES: Turn Signal/Hazards do not flash.

    Check the shop manual or wiring diagram to find the module. You can search the forum to find a link.
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    Remove stock radio from a 2001 Protege

    Sorry, dude. Thanks for letting us know, though, you'll probably save someone else from trying that.
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    Problems with my 02 protege

    That rattling from the rear means you need either 1) new swaybar endlinks or 2) new strut mounts. From endlinks are ~$20 each and strut mounts are $20-25 each.
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    03 Protege ES Fuel Filter Location?

    There are two fuel filters: one is the sock/strainer and the second is built into the fuel pump housing.
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    Rough idle and low RPM

    Very strange. The metal must be coming from the cat, not sure where else it could originate from. It's probably not from the EGR itself. Do you have a picture?
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    Long time member and now I got me a project Mazda !

    Good plan to hang on to it. Seems here in the northeast, rust kills Proteges before serious mechanical problems. I wouldn't spend money trying to extract more horsepower... the Protege is best appreciated for its handling. If you were interested in spending the money, a suspension upgrade would...
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    Protege5 rear brake issues

    Did you 1) lubricate the slider pins and 2) adjust the p-brake screw per spec (finger tight, then loosen 1/3 of a turn)?
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    2002 Protege DX Stumbles...No CEL

    Wow, this is a challenge. Have you checked for any codes recently? Maybe one is pending, but hasn't tripped the CEL.
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    New Protege owner! mechanics special 01 ES 5 speed

    Sounds like a vacuum leak. You can go through the procedure for a rough idle in the shop manual. Might also want to test the purge solenoid valve.
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    New guy here from oklahoma

    The infamous rear clunk was on the Mazdaspeed Protege. As 03protolx suggested, on the regular Pro, the clunk is the strut mounts or the sway bar endlinks.
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    Remove stock radio from a 2001 Protege

    You can get the removal tool on ebay, $1 per tool including shipping.
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    my 2003 Protege- gday everyone

    Congratulations! Very clean looking. The clear corner headlights look great - are those stock?