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    How about fitting 275/45/20? On the original rim?

    ALENZA SPORT A / S RFT 275/45/20 can fit CX-9?Can someone help answer?
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    Engine coolant/High Temp warning message

    Please check that there is a black box behind the headlight with a fan relay inside. If loose, the fan will not work.
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    Guide 2nd Generation CX-9: Aftermarket oil catch can installation It seems that there is a problem in the place where we installed, and the pipe that should be near the firewall needs to be modified.
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    Used 2016 cx9.. reliable?

    55000mi very good! i am uber
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    2nd Gen CX-9 High mileage club, how's it holding up?

    52000 everything good
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    I have replaced the spark plug,Can share with you

    2016 sg run 50000mi oem its "NGK DILKAR7M8" The spark plug gap is already 1mm*Must be replaced, although it can still be used, but you can feel the decline in performance i use Denso Iridium TT Spark Plug Part#: IXEH22TT Because the price is cheap ,4 for 27$ and working very well* But! i think...
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    2016 cx-9 Oil spill! have photos

    i have 50000 mi
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    2016 cx-9 Oil spill! have photos

    is it serious? Have no effect, do you want to repair?
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    2016 CX-9 Turbo Whistle

    Is there a photo of a spark plug? I want to find some better alternatives.
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    How to get to the CX-9 spark plugs

    If you change the spark plug, can you take a photo of the old spark plug?I want to investigate if there are alternatives to enhance performance.
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    NEW map

    up to 7/2018 now
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    New Tires on my 2016+ CX-9 (Continental ExtremeContact DWS06)

    i will use Michelin PREMIER LTX,its best?