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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    Slow and steady wins the engine removal race! Definitely follow the manual steps for this, it's broken down nicely for us and the manual is pretty clear compared to others! Take LOTS of photos and grab a whole bunch of containers or bags for the fasteners, Label Everything! future you will...
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    Love my p5 but she’s got issues

    Gidday! welcome along! Sounds like you've tackled some of the main trouble areas on these cars :D oil consumption and motor mounts are a right pain to get right I'd recommend starting a build log, even if you're not 'building' the car they're great for recording maintenance and repairs. Plus...
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    Haynes’ Protege5

    +1 for blaaaaaack wipers and for leaving the valance thingy off
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    Stripped tensioner bolt - powersteering belt

    Dang now I'm second guessing :D my M8 x 1.25 die wouldn't thread on to a strut stud when I tried it about 2 years ago :P
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    Infiverse Mazda Protege5 Build

    Gidday! love the colour and I actually dig the neon / LED lights! looking forward to the engine progress!
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    Haynes’ Protege5

    Yussssss, fresh build thread! The only two aircraft mechanics I've known have been absolutely meticulous in their work Looking forward to seeing how this progresses!
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    LankyKiwi's Rally-flavored SP20

    - Oil pick up gasket sourced (MX5 versions are close enough) ✔️ - Shiny new trolley jack bought ✔️ - Oil pan back on and sealed✔️ - Gearbox and drivetrain reassembled✔️ - Wideband sensor re-ordered and installed ✔️ - P/S tensioner bolt stripped, snapped and fixed ✔️ - New slightly shorter belt...
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    Stripped tensioner bolt - powersteering belt

    Because I stripped the same part yesterday, and broke the long bolt in three! The adjuster nut/ eyelet is M10 x 1.25 (Fine thread) , the long bolt is M8 x 1.25 (Course thread) The strut top nuts are M10 x 1.0 so won't work unfortunately Hope that helps!
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    Off Topic What are ya listening to?

    @theblooms Good effort! that's a serious amount of listening DSOTM was the first actual vinyl record I ever played, and Animals is a perennial favourite :)
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    Rust on door trim, repair tips?

    Good luck! Take it slowly and step by step, it'll be done before you know it!
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    Stripped tensioner bolt - powersteering belt

    Also important, the head hex size might be 14mm but the bolt is most likely M10 and will be classified as such :D that'll be the 14mm nuts in the store were way to big 10mm hexes are usually M6 12-13mm are usually M8 16-17mm are usually M10 apart from fine threads and flange bolts which have a...
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    Alternatives to P5 that don't rust

    Yep, that's the one, we got the auto 2JZ wagons and the auto/ manual 3S-GE sedans. the sedans are cheap, plentiful and most importantly RWD :D
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    LankyKiwi's Rally-flavored SP20

    Here's something pretty neat, Tim is the guy that did my Cert, really awesome guy who knows his stuff backwards and inside out, the Honda getting a cage lives in the storage unit 2 doors down from mine and this was filmed within a week of my car...
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    Off Topic What are ya listening to?

    Nothing like a trip down memory lane! Love it, and have been doing something similar lately as well Thrice has a new album out too! Speaking of new albums...