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    20" summer tires?

    Anyone with experience with any of the following? Continental CrossContact UHP Michelin Latitude Diamaris Yokohama ADVAN S.T. These are all considered summer sport truck tires. I have a set of winter tires/rims, so I'm not concerned about snow/ice performance. I'd be getting them in size...
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    Blizzak LM-25 vs. Pirelli Scorpion Ice & Snow

    Based on the posts on this forum, there are a lot of us that are using takeoff 18's as our winter wheels and a lot that are using 17" wheels from Tire Rack. Both options seem to work well. It isn't so much a question of rim size as it is the outside diameter of the tire. The standard 18" rims...
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    Backup Camera & Mirror Instructions/+12v Backup

    As I stated in the 2nd post on this thread, the file is over 2MB so it can't be posted here. PM me with your e-mail address and I'll send it to you. The one that I have is from the 2007 model, but I'm not sure they've changed anything.
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    Best Leather Cleaner Recommendations anyone?

    I've used Lexol pH Cleaner and Lexol Conditioner for general cleaning, but haven't had to remove any tougher stains. Not sure how they would do on a black leather stain.
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    Fog Light Mod
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    SmartMoney request

    I had exactly the same experience as cccx9. Lots of good questions, but I wasn't exactly what they were looking for.
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    gear shifts at 6th gear

    What is the minimum speed that the torque converter will lock up in 6th gear? Mine doesn't seem to lock up until at least 66mph. I just got my CX-9 back from a transmission control module replacement and it seems to me that it doesn't lock up as quickly as it used to. I'm pretty certain that it...
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    TCM failure and ScanGuage

    I had it permanently mounted at the bottom of the instrument cluster. Unplugging it was easy, unmounting it took a while. It never occurred to me that they would try to blame a transmission failure on a diagnostic tool plugged into a port made specifically for diagnostic tools! I guess I should...
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    TCM failure and ScanGuage

    Just a warning to those that have a ScanGuage installed... Over the New Year's holiday, our CX-9 Trans Control Module (TCM) failed. I came out one (cold) morning and the AT light was on and the trans would select only reverse and forward (2nd gear). I thought maybe it was just REALLY cold, so I...
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    K&N Air Filters

    I've had K&N filters on a number of vehicles, including our CX9, and have never noticed an improvement in MPG or horsepower. While I admit that I didn't put it on a dyno to see if it gained 1-4HP, a 1HP difference on a 250HP vehicle is a 0.4% increase - about as insignificant as you can get...
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    Performance between different trims

    Any chance yours is a 2007 and the loaner was a 2008 or 2009? There is a significant horsepower difference between the 2007's and subsequent years. It's pretty noticeable. Mine of course is a 2007...
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    digital MPG calculator and more- device?

    Very cool and totally worth the money! More info in this thread:
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    backup sensors - need wiring diagram

    It looks like it is integrated with the backup camera option. Not separately available.
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    Backup Camera & Mirror Instructions/+12v Backup

    Did you get this yet? If not, PM me and I can e-mail it to you. It is over 2MB, so I can't post it here.
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    Removing rear door panel

    Not trying to be an idiot, but have you made sure that it isn't the rear seat belt buckle rattling against the body side? My kids consistently manage to leave a 1/2 twist in the belt and the rattle drives me nuts. I have to stop and untwist the belt!