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    Navigation maps are updated for September

    Pipemajor - I have found that the slider tab does move easily. It could have moved to the closed position while fiddling about trying to line up the card in a dark slot with a dark surround in an awkward position while at the same time the plastic cover on it's little strap is getting in the...
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    UK YouTube EVM Review Perspective on MX-30

    See... In Yorkshire, in the rain (as always). Some fair comments about range and those rear doors.
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    2017~2022 January 2021 Map Update For Europe

    As the title :)
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    Mazda Toolbox Update

    Alternatively uninstall Toolbox and re-install from the Mazda website?
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    Mazda Toolbox Update

    I just click on the Mazda Toolbox icon on my desktop. The path shown on my system is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mazda Update Toolbox" The Toolbox opens and then prompts you to insert the SD card for map updating etc. The actual update application process started automatically when I clicked on the...
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    Mazda Toolbox Update

    New version of Mazda Toolbox released version for MZD Connect. No idea what the improvements are although it will automatically update when you open the application.
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    Firmware 70.00.367A

    Don't go there, you could brick your unit using unauthorised software.
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    2013~2016 CX-5 HD Radio. USB inoperative

    It's not aftermarket, it's what the system used to look like pre MZD system
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    Is Mazda's upcoming MX-30 on your shopping list?

    Yes Antoine definitely the production version. I always watch Thomas's car reviews with interest as he always manages to put over any negative points in such a diplomatic way.
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    Is Mazda's upcoming MX-30 on your shopping list?

    Mostly glowing review from Thomas except for the rear opening doors over at Autogefuhl I always find his reviews useful for headroom tests especially as he is the same height as me
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    Dealer service - fear tactics

    I sometimes find that No. 4 and excessive speed go hand in hand. (Usually the drivers of BMW or Audi cars) See
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    Dealer service - fear tactics

    It might mean cheaper car insurance for Volvo drivers with this 112mph speed limit? Might make Volvo cars less attractive to thieves? This might be the silver lining to the cloud. They'll no longer be used for motorway police cars then?
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    Right Wrist pain from using the Infotainment knob

    Gooogle I suspect there are existing issues with your wrist that just happened to surface while using the Mazda infotainment. Are you using your computer mouse correctly? Are you sitting at your computer correctly? Have you tightened lots of screws recently using that wrist? Also, did you drive...
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    2022 CX-50?!

    In the UK we'll probably get a 2.0L very underpowered version (SkyactivX version if we're lucky). 3.0L anything will be highly unlikely IMO.
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    Disable Database Artist Name Retrieval

    I'm not aware that it can be disabled. Do you know which version of Gracenote you're using? If it's below version 9 you can upgrade it. That's the best I've got unfortunately. :(