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    2016 CX-9 GT AWD Next set of replacement tires?

    ~38k miles on our 2019 GT FWD. It came with Falkens as the OEM, and I’m concerned that I may be stuck with them until at least 50k miles. They wear very well, handle well, I get decent fuel economy, and seem fine in wet weather. BUT... They are incredibly loud, and at the sweet spot of...
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    What made you buy a CX-9?

    1) did not want Stop/Start 2) did not want a transmission with more than 6 gears. Too much hunting & delayed downshifts with 8 & 10 speeds 3) did not want DoD, AFM, or anything similar 4) did not want anything Euro. 5) runs on regular unleaded gas Franky, I didn’t want a turbo either, but it...
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    CX-9 Gas Mileage

    Just returned from a 3700 mile trip Houston to Virginia and the Carolinas and back home again, average 27.0 mpg of mixed driving. Left Friday of Memorial Day Weekend after work, so took an hour of sitting in traffic to get out of Houston. Took a hit in economy when we hit the Smokey...
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    What did you pay for your CX-9?

    Hello, first post here. Been lurking for a little while researching a new SUV for the wife. I got a quote in the Houston area on a new 2019 machine gray 2WD Grand Touring. $36,236.00 + $150 document fee + TTL. here's the breakdown: sticker $42,185.00 less $3,449.00 dealer discount less...