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    Need a referral to a Dallas/Fort Worth shop that knows Mazdaspeed Proteges

    Crossover Auto, hands down. Not sure exactly where they are at but I know they are in DFW.
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    What have you done to your MSP today?

    Man I haven't been on here in ages. Ended up buying another MSP yesterday lol. Its a titanium, which makes it my third. Has an FS-ZE swapped into it, and I am pretty sure the turbo is shot. It needs a LOT of work. Interior is pretty bad, although the seats are clean aside from some sun fading...
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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    $40>$80 Just sayin Lol I probably won't keep the car for long so I am not too worried about it. I have two people trying to buy it for $3k which in my opinion is a fair deal for me (paid $400 for the car, swapped the engine and put a bunch of MSP parts on it). The motor is at 135k and the...
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    Racing Beat Rear Swaybar Questions

    There is an extra piece of metal welded into the subframe where the swaybar brackets bolt on. I think that is the only difference. In all honesty the stock subframe will probably be fine, but I swapped the whole thing when I did my RB rear bar.
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    Best $600 coilovers?

    I paid $670 for my BC BRs, but they are pretty damn stiff.
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    Best $600 coilovers?

    As someone that works around Subarus all day long, I would (and do) drive a P5 over a GD WRX.
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    Protege5 FS-ZE Swap Crank No Start

    Probably the neutral switch and reverse switch. Any blown fuses? Did you swap the cam gears? I know you have to with the 626, may be alright with the ZE.
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    Racing Beat Rear Swaybar Questions

    The MSP/MP3 racing beat brackets will fit the stock subframe, but it is best to swap the reinforced MSP subframe when you do the bar.
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    MSP Front bumper cover

    Yes the P5 has the marker lights, you can still get the MSP/MP3 bumper from Mazda. I would wait until you find the correct one. MSPs get parted out all the time
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    Msp #361 found!

    You can turn down the sensitivity of the alarm system, there is a little box with a knob under the driver's side of the dash
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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    I have done a lot of work on the P5 lately. Installed the MSP lip, removed the front door vinyl, swapped the passenger front door, installed the MSP color matched mirrors, blacked out the headlights, installed the 6 front brakes and spacers on the front wheels. I have some Dunlop Direzza DZ102...
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    Forged stuff for sale

    I'm interested in the S pipe if you have it.
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    What have you done to your MSP today?

    Ordered a mishimoto fan shroud for the MSP, going to swap the Mishimoto rad back in and maybe put the CS rad in the P5. Hopefully won't need to re-do my FMIC piping to make it fit. Cobb is paying us to have a track day coming up so I need to prep the MSP for it!
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    MSP #2750 for sale in AZ.

    Part it out!? WTF? Honestly I would be lucky to get $5k for my almost mint MSP with a built motor. But then again I got $4500 for my daily MSP that needed paint, just have to find the right buyer!