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    2019 VS 2021 Interior Color Changes

    its a little nit picky however you are very much right about it. for me personally i can over look those small details - but there are definitely other routes that could have been better. but i dont think they look that tacky but i can understand where you are coming from.
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    Stock Tire Life

    I can second about America’s Tires - I have definitely gotten some good deals from them and would not hesitate to go to them again when needed.
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    Post Pictures of Your Mods, Upgrades and Accessories!

    my floor mats have been through the ringer - so i got new genuine oem ones. happy with them so far and they fit flush. theyre nothing much but theyre mine haha. ill try to post pics when i can.
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    2021 Mazda CX-5 Signature Interior

    All of that looks so incredibly well done and impressive. I really want one now lol. It looks so sleek and clean.
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    There was rain in my area and got mud and light debris on mine - so it was car wash day recently and it looks as good as new.
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    OEM Crossbars - Pain in the butt

    It took me about an hour to install these
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    Pedestrian Detection

    Good info on this thread. Thanks.
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    Mazda Parts Guy/Gal

    Try searching for it on . They carry everything OEM Mazda. Hope this helps.
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    A friendly Bird left a gift on my CX-5.... advice meeded

    Thanks for the recommendations. Will have to try some of these out.
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    VIN lookup has bad information

    Not all VIN decoder websites are accurate. Some even state that they can't guarantee accuracy.
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    2017~2023 Cargo cover (Tonneau cover) review

    You can get the OEM cover at a cheap price with the factory warranty on . With OEM parts you never have to worry about the part being out of spec.
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    Subaru Forester 2019 color stripes

    Congrats on your new ride. Looks great!
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    Mazda OEM vs Value brake padsa

    I was debating on which ones to go with but I ended up paying a bit more for better quality OEM brake pads and skipping the value line pads. They work great and the price was cheaper than dealer so I'm really happy about that...
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    Various parts from junked P5, leather, header, +more!

    Nice selection of parts you have there. Hope you find buyers for all those parts.
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    Looking For Touch Up Paint Match 25D Snowflake White Pearl

    You can order it here if you're still looking for the the OEM Mazda touch up paint. I've ordered parts from this site before and online transactions have been smooth.