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    Low Engine Oil Warning Light on new CX-5

    What's good now is the car checks it own oil level all the time and if low turns on a low oil light so you do not have to check it all the time. I have a 2000 Corvette and it has a known oil ring vibration problem if the rpm is held over 4000 for an extended time. Driving 85 or less I only have...
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    Here's a good Mazda parts department for factory wheels

    With a full size spare it is best to include it in the tire rotation so it wears out with the others and can be replaced at the same time.
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    Cabin noise reduced in 2020s?

    Do you have crossbars on top?
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    Here's a good Mazda parts department for factory wheels

    I have a couple of complete full size new toyo tire, rim, sensors in the for sale section...
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    Deactivate the you're too close auto brake "feature"

    If you turn on you turn signal before crossing the lane line it should not shake your steering wheel. That way is will also check the lane you are entering to make sure you did not overlook someone...
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    CX-5 Turbo Engines - Are They Forged Internals?

    If you click on the link it says the Turbo like the 2.5 does not have forged crank but if you click on the right for the 2.5 it says the 2.5 has forged crank and forged rods. Both from the same site both can not be correct...
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    The Future of the CX-5 - Strategic?

    Consider that the dealer makes more money on AWD.
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    SiriusXM not connecting

    It is listed as a fix in a infotainment update version...
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    For Sale Two 19 inch CX5 Tire/Wheel/Pressure Sensors also spare

    Ruined a wheel on my 2020 CX5 GT and purchased a set of 4 from a new 2019 Signature pull off. Replaced my bad wheel and switched to a full size spare. Will sell one or two for $250 each plus shipping and my newly removed spare for $100. In Gainesville GA.
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    Full Sized Spare For 2017 CX5 - 225/65R17 Questions

    I went the full sized spare route on my 2020 GT, removed the square foam chunks and laid a couple of 2 by 6 chunks on each side of the tire to support the floor. It probably lets more sound out of the woofer. I have a couple of new wheels/tires/sensors and my replaced spare if someone in...
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    A/C Blower fluctuates and lights dimming

    When the ac compressor cycles in it creates a bit more electrical load but I have never noticed the blower changing speed, but I do usually run the blower on lower speeds to get max dehumidification, never seen lights dim. Since the blower has been replaced once I would favor the blower control...
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    New CX-5 GT. Install Amazon NAV SD card concerns ("Page Cannot Be Found")

    I do not think the next new card will update as I think they track updates by vin...
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    A/C Blower fluctuates and lights dimming

    Was the engine running when you were parked and lights dimmed?
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    Beeping After Locking Car

    If you have a second keyfob in the car when you lock it, it will beep several times. If the engine is running and you get out and lock it, it will beep. If it is not in park and you lock it, it will beep - several have had a failure/sometimes failure of the switch in the console that registers...