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    0w20 or 5w20

    I know most people won't agree with me but the lower oil viscosities are for the good of the CAFE numbers, not for the good of the engines. Will a 0w-20 get your engine way past your 36,000 warranty period? Absolutely. Gunna see 200,000 ?? Maybe. My brothers 2017 F150 5 liter V8 says 5w-20...
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    Sinking soft pedal - Diagnostic video and solution

    That pine hollow guy is dam good
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    What 5W30 oil brand do you use in your CX-9?

    Kirkland 5w-30 full synthetic API rating of SP, two 5qt jugs for under $40. Beat that! Lol
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    Oil change capacity question

    5.5 us qts with a filter. 5qts gets you bearly half way bewteen add and full
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    2021 CX-9 Burning oil

    I would expect the worst case. If it was my engine, I would want all those seals out of there.
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    Poll 2.5T Coolant Leak/Engine Replacement

    If its gunna be out of your wallet, might not hurt to have it done by a non dealer mechanic, if you can even find one. Its getting bad out there finding any competency in any field nowadays. If it was my engine I'd do an oil analysis and see if I could get away with just doing the head
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    2021 CX-9 Burning oil

    Definitely some excellent points you brought up. It gets me thinking about what they actually did and then undid for this problem. The seals are not exposed to any "oil pressure" from the pump. Its just splash oil. There are pressures on the non oil side from the intake manifold and exhaust...
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    Low Engine Oil Warning Light on new CX-5

    There is a Mazda mechanic with a video on Facebook. Pretty interesting. He says Mazda is only allowing the dealers to do two of these a week so they don't get swamped which is totally understandable. I might have posted this already but I've done this repair on other but similar engines. It's...
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    2021 CX-9 Burning oil

    Why did they say they needed to do a consumption test? That's not what the tsb says. Tell him to read the tsb. 01-011/22. I like to lift the hood on my car and check my own oil. You need to know what your oil is first thing in the morning before you start it. Get it to the full line. Then find...
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    Low Engine Oil Warning Light on new CX-5

    Still there Under manufacturers communications. Click on documents you'll get the full tsb. The 01-11/22 probably just hasn't been posted on the government website yet. My guess is from the time that a company like Mazda produces it they're not obligated to have it posted for a period of time...
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    Where to spray fluid film with the plastic underbody covers?

    I use fluid film or surface shield. They're both lanolin based. But surface shield apparently has some petroleum jelly in it also. Pretty safe. Keep it off your belts your brakes and your exhaust. But everything else you can soak the heck out of it ain't going to hurt anything
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    2021 CX-9 Burning oil