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    Hammo's Build Hopefully.
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    MSP build, advice welcomed too

    Yes, na protege clutches will fit. I'm running the Spec 3+ 429ft/lb version with no issues.
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    Hammo's Build

    Loving the build Hammo, fantastic work! Thanks for sharing on the forum.
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    Pros and cons of EGR delete

    Sorry, no offense, but that's not how it works. EGR's function is to reduce cylinder temperatures which limits the amount of NOx emissions produced from combustion. NOx levels increase a lot when cylinder combustion temperatures go above 1600*C/2912*F. Exhaust gas is inert, which means it will...
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    MP3 intake manifold difference?

    This might have the info you're looking for.
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    bwalt's MSP build log

    Nope, Driven Racing is a USA company. I really like their oil. Excellent info here:
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    bwalt's MSP build log

    It's January and I'm still driving the MSP.... winter's been rather mild this year so far. Changed oil today and emptied the catch can. Looks like it's doing a great job keeping the vapors and sludge out of the intake.
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    MSP build, advice welcomed too

    I've got about half a protege worth of parts in my basement for that exact reason. lol
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    College Student First Car Build

    Exactly what I had to do. You may have to start threading the nut for the stud you trimmed and wind it down before putting the other three nuts on. Otherwise when the flanges are clamped together you cant squeeze the nut past the stud. Hope that makes sense. Also recommend nord-lock washers...
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    Oil squirter delete?

    You can read up about it here: Let me know if you have any more questions. Myself and a few other active members on here know these cars well.
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    Oil squirter delete?

    Do not delete your oil squirters. They are there to cool the pistons and lubricate the wrist pins. Kind of important, especially on a turbo engine. You can get the AWR pan or Speed circuit sells a proper baffle for the stock pan. Your oil pump link did not work but I think you're referring to...
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    Turbo Replacement

    No, the CX turbo has a different size turbine wheel and will not fit the garrett housing. I'm not sure what you mean by the flipping the flange... it's positioned the same as stock. The downpipe bolt hole spacing is what looks different to me.
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    Turbo Replacement

    Read the specs for this T25 turbine housing, they list all the different garrett turbos that fit: ATP made a special stainless steel housing that fits the larger 60mm...