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    33k on odo and dealer says I need new rear pads/rotors

    My 19 grt with 22k failed inspection last week because of the rear brakes. Inspection in my state requires there to be less than 1/2” of rust on the braking surface. I had exactly 1/2” on the inside facing edge closets to the hub where the pad makes contact. I declined their $500 quote and...
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    2018 CX-5 Low Speed Transmission Hesitation/Jerk/Lurch

    It has to be a result of the changes to make CD work. I honestly don’t notice much jerkiness, maybe a small amount in my 2020 GT. As I’ve mentioned in other threads, I do notice the CD transitions below 40mph though. The transmissions in My 2019 GTR is smoother over all. The 19 does have some...
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    Stupid Is As Stupid Does

    If i don’t have a key on me and I open my unlocked door and press the lock button on the inside and shut it, everything stays locked.
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    Question about disabling cylinder deactivation on a 2020 CX-5

    Pretty sure this is the first straight 4 cylinder to have it. Really stupid considering the fuel savings.
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    Sensor catalytic converter, cylinder deactivation - Solved

    Sorry to hear about this Lenny. Someone at Mazda knows what this part does or it wouldn’t be on the car. It shouldn’t be so hard to get and answer and find a more reasonable solution instead of charging 1k by replacing the cat. Seeing things like this make me question if I’m willing to keep my...
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    2018 CX-5 Low Speed Transmission Hesitation/Jerk/Lurch

    The CD models definitely have the vibration issues because of CD. It’s just not dramatic enough for most people to notice it. It’s most noticeable below 2k. I have a few posts about where I’m questioning if the stupid CD can be disabled.
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    Very faint high pitched "mosquito" sound

    Great to hear the issue has been identified. Total fail by Mazda for missing this. They put so much effort into refining the cabin yet somehow didn’t realize or care to fix an electronic buzzing sound in the highest trim levels.
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    Disable Cylinder Deactivation

    What your describing sounds like it’s just in too high a gear for your liking, which is understandable. The vibration I’m referring to is 100% caused by running on 2 cylinders. A minor increase in throttle and it smooths out without downshifting. The fuel economy display changes from 2 to 4...
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    Disable Cylinder Deactivation

    For me it’s a number of conditions happening at the same time that make the 4 to 2 transition noticeable. Just so happens that a route I drive regularly includes all these conditions. Light throttle (barely on the pedal) Light load (minor incline or just flat) RPMs below 2k (Under 50 mph) If...
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    2016~2023 Sounds like broken computer fan...

    Is it coming from the dash/gauge cluster? Wonder if it’s the same thing reported by turbo cx-5 owners.
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    Disable Cylinder Deactivation

    Yeah it’s kind of a worthless TSB. But it does confirm Mazda acknowledges the vibrations below 2k rpm when running on 2 cylinders.
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    Disable Cylinder Deactivation

    The tsb for the Mazda3 and cx-30 states the vibration under 2k is “normal”. However , there is a PCM update and new radiator brackets that are supposed to improve it. Idk how a straight 4 running on 2 cylinders at 1500 rpm wouldn’t cause vibrations. It really is a stupid thing Mazda did here...
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    Winter is here and my CX-5 turbo is now a 2.0!

    Highway speeds in what gear? It’s been noted a few times that 3rd gear and up don’t suffer from the loss of boost. In my experience 3rd gear is impacted but not as much as 1st and 2nd.
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    Winter is here and my CX-5 turbo is now a 2.0!

    Definitely not the transmission slipping. Sounds like yours might be but that’s not what everyone is experiencing in this thread.
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    Disable Cylinder Deactivation

    Calling it a mild jolt is definitely exaggerated but the transition is noticeable to me. And I should clarify, I do not notice every time it switches to 2 cylinders. Mostly under 50 mph with the RPMs close to 2k. I’m not saying or thinking it’s a problem, just annoying. It’s not uncommon...