wtb stock protege header, mid pipe, and intake set up

Mazdaspeed Protege
looking for oem 2001 to 03 mazda protege 2.0 header with good cat and mid pipe hopefully both in working condition and oem intake pipe and box no maf sensor


01 LX --> MP3 w/ better suspension!
I have the intake box and all of the intake plumbing... let me know if you need any of it....
2002 Mazda Protege LX
I have both exhaust parts for $220 shipped. 130k kms on the parts and no CELs.. PM if interested
2002 Canadian P5
I have the full stock intake set up from my 02 P5 when I installed my K&N it is yours if you want it just pay the shipping from 98032

Let me know it is just sitting in my garage taking up space.