What have you done to your Miata today?


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2009 Mazdaspeed3; 1991 Turbo Miata
Watched the temp readout in my MS when the fans kicked on: 175degF.

Edit: yar, the market is not going to be prolific. Just a few bucks to offset my car hobby costs is nice though. :)
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Scrooge McDuck
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My Miata is finally back together!

Evan painted my intake manifold, fuel rail, and intake wrinkle black and it looks fantastic! We installed the intake manifold and intake last week, but yesterday I put the fuel rail back on.

Since my Xidas are now 2 months late and no delivery date in sight, I borrowed a coilover setup and got that installed along with new front rotors:

And... new 949 adjustable end links in the rear of the car.

It feels tremendous to have the car back together and running for the first time in months!
First time at home in the new garage:

I ordered some BFG Rivals that will be delivered today. I'll take them to get mounted to the 6ULs tomorrow. Alignment is scheduled for Thursday.
2005 Mazda3 2.3
Congrats Pablo!

I planned a wrenching weekend for the middle of July to get my MSM back up and running! It's been down since Easter and I am dying to get her running again. Bought her, had a week of fun and then she attempted suicide and has been in the garage since. If anyone wants to come to Pitt for the fun, let me know hahaha

princess peach

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Pretty excited about it, won't have a turbo but has lots of suspension and bracing. I had more fun at the autox driving a stock NB than mine, so I'm hoping this will be lots more fun. Too bad it ends up in DP, will be fine for local events but will be killed in a Pro.