What have you done to your Mazda6 today?


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Hi, ladies & gents. 2018 Mazda6 GTR owner, here. Purchased new. Soul Red w/white parchment guts. (Sooners fan...self-explanatory) Only performed a few mods, so far:

Mirrors: added sequential signals. Simple plug and play. Slipped off the cover, two screws holding in OEM flashers. Unplugged. Installed the new ones, reverse order. Tested before reinstalling the caps. No longer on/off. The signal starts closest to the window and sequentially flashes outward from there. It’s subtle, but sure adds class.

REAR: removed the rear bumper to gain access to those lower reflector lenses. Added tail light/brake/sequential turn flasher LED units. Will post a video once it warms up a bit.

Rims: At 150 miles on the clock, I changed to a 2011-13 Kia Sorenta chrome rims that were take-offs in 2013 for custom wheels. Gathering dust. “Why these,” you ask? The 19” diameter, hub center was exact match (no concentric rings needed), compliant 5-bolt pattern, and most importantly, “the offset.” About -1/64” difference from the Mazda's OEM wheels. Didn’t want to Mickey Mouse with the OEM steering geometry. I have seen zero issues with abnormal tire wear. Rotated every 4K, w/ cold air pressure set to 36 PSI.

Oh, and those adhesive Kia logo center caps?Peeled off the Kia logo and replaced with self-adhesive d Punisher cap covers. Turned out pretty danged swell.

That’s about all I have to report. Live in Oklahoma, 71-year old geezer. Done with racing. Just like the laid back “smooth cruise,” now. LOL
I was remiss in listing one other item: I had my neighbor hydrodip my engine cover. Kinda gives the technician a little “pop” when I go in for oil changes. (Used to change my oil/filter in all my rides. But now I’ve gotten lazy in retirement and enjoy having the dealer do it.) 🤷🏼‍♂️
Next up: adding the red LED backing to the “M” badge on the trunk lid. Waiting for warmer weather. As I age, my tolerance for cold drops significantly.


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