Using CX-5 Navigation Card in CX-3

Mazda CX-5 GS
So I currently have a CX-5 GT 2017 that came with a Navigation card. I upgraded to Android Auto and never use the Nav that came with the car anymore. My daughter is buying a CX-3 GS 2019 that doesn't have Navigation and I wanted to give her my Navigation card to use in it. The dealer told me that shortly after my CX-5 went on the road the SD Card is locked to the VIN number. Now I'm wondering if anyone knows how to 'unregister' the card to my CX-5 VIN and use it in my daughter's CX-3. Her CX-3 does have Android Auto but she is ofter in remote locations that doesn't have mobile data access.
East Iowa
'19 CX-5 GT-R
The card can't be unregistered from one car to be used in another. But you can find them on eBay for about $40. Others on here have had luck with that. Another option, when using Android auto, you can download maps for a given area so that you don't need a data connection.