Tune for the 2019 CX-5 Turbo

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I searched around a bit, but didnt come across anything, so, does anyone know if there is a tuning kit or something coming that would unleash the turbo a bit more? I know there is one out for the Ford Escape 2.0 Turbo, so maybe something is in the works?
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Revival of an old thread, but still relevant... How a Cobb Accessport? Easy peasy
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Not aware of anyone actually tuning the 2.
5ts right now (not bullshit "chips"). Keep an eye out though because the mazda 3 is getting the 2.5t and it might own up more options. Out of nowhere I saw a post by Matt Wilson (owner of OVT and tuner of my cx5) talk about limitations on the 2.5t ECU on a mazda 3 page. Who knows what's coming.


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JB4 tuners we’re in the works a few months back... never saw an update
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JB4 tuners we’re in the works a few months back... never saw an update
I'm a big fan of the JB4. Here's a link to N54tech which is Burger Motorsports forum:
You'll see a few posts regarding their interest in acquiring a 2.5t car for testing and development.

In other news, it appears power figures for the 2.5t in the upcoming Mazda 3 were leaked:

170kw = 227hp and 420nm = 310 ft lbs

Making the same engine available in the 3 greatly increases our chances of getting a tune developed for our 2.5t's.