2017~2021 Suma Performance Side Mirrors for CX-5 Possible

2019 CX-5 GTR

unfortunately it is just a tease

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Our mirrors are finally on their way. :) :)

According to my USPS tracking number, I will be getting mine on or before June 14th, 2021.

It's been a long wait and a lot has happened to the world since Eddy and his family got these into production at Suma Performance.

Never the less, I hope those of you who ordered them and this is your first experience with these mirrors will be as satisfied as I was with my first set for the ND, MX-5.

Just a quick word regarding installation and due to the time of year, we shouldn't have any problems with a certain aspect adding them. Make sure that your vehicle's mirrors are as warm as possible.

I got my first set when the weather was a bit nippy so using my mirror heaters were quite helpful. It will be easier to pop off the old ones and snap on the new ones while they are as warm as possible.

Don't be afraid to pull on them hard for removal and using some force when installing the new ones. You will notice that these are attached via ball and socket design.

Based on our current heat wave here in AZ, "warm" mirrors will not be a problem for me. :(

If anyone thinks they are having a problem with installation, Eddy is very good about getting back to his customers.


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Are the part numbers for the 1st gen and 2nd gen CX-5 the same?

I just checked online and it looks like Gen1: KR24-69-1G1, Gen2: TK71-69-1G1. Hopefully there are no issues with fitment.